Image of the Last Supper exudes oil, Chicago


Photo of the image of the Last Supper that has long exuded oil in a Chicago home.


May 8, 2019 - Reported in [Spirit]. Little Wonders, Above And Below. Our recent retreat in Chicago bore a little mother lode when it comes to intriguing photographs and exuding images.

One woman from Palos Heights, Illinois, discussed a Crucifix that has been emanating holy oil and also collecting “glitter” in her home for years (she gave us samples of the oil). We’ll have more on her soon.

A gentleman from the area has quite a penchant for photographing interesting forms of light. He has been very devout since the age of eight.

We had one photo he took a couple weeks back (of a Cross configured by rays of the sun), and another that certainly looked like a dove. The images occur, it seems, on a nearly daily basis. Call this a charism of the cell-tech era.

Are there angels in another reflection, this time on the ceiling of his home?

Sometimes we draw from what we see what we want to see. A good thing it is: to look, in what is around us, for holiness and not always the negative.

It turns out an image of the Last Supper has long exuded oil in his house (he doesn’t want his name or locale used, for reasons of privacy), and he also has a photo of a first-class relic of Saint Padre Pio that seems — it really does — to have the face, perhaps of that saint, in it.

But:You view the items.You — as always — are the final arbiter.

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