The Christ of Limpias returns to mourn in his chapel Cochabamba, Bolivia



April 12, 2019 - Reported [here]. Video [here]. Translated from Spanish. "Through so many tears: What can you understand, but it is pain," Silvia Arévalo, owner of the image of the Christ of Limpias, said yesterday, saying that the image once again exuded crystalline tears and blood on Wednesday night at the San Pedro Chapel, which coincides with the Lenten period that the Catholic world lives.

The Christ who cries for 24 years is a reason for faith, but it has also led to several investigations, including the most recognized one by psychologist Ricardo Castañón, who has been investigating this mystery for 18 years.

Scientific studies have proven "that the reddish liquid, analyzed in laboratories, is human blood - without precise DNA - and contains cardiac tissue," according to Castañón's research.

Silvia Arévalo said that this is the first time this year that the Christ sheds his tears. "He cries because he needs us, our Lord needs us," he remarked.

He said: "Last night my daughter went out to take some little flowers from the chapel, because my granddaughter had a special event with some friends. Upon entering it was determined that the image was crying blood and water, that is, crystalline. " He continued: "Go up and tell us: The Christ is crying and when my son came down he took a picture and posted it on Facebook."

He explained: "We are already used to what impresses me is the disbelief of people, who think that it is our work, but it is not like that. And he is afraid of his sins. They have to come and ask for forgiveness, that's what he wants. "

Yesterday, more than 50 believers of the image gathered at the 19:00 mass in the chapel of the Christ that Cries, located in the Belzu avenue almost Heroines.