Virgin of Guadalupe mourns tears of blood El Guarache, Durango, Mexico


Our Lady Guadalupe cries, Durango - Mexico.


February 10, 2019 - Reported [here]. Video [here]. (Rough translation from Spanish). The tears of blood from the plaster bust with the image of the virgin of Guadalupe that a little over a month ago were given as a gift by the Limones family, surprised the neighbors of the El Huarache neighborhood of Lerdo city, because, although it looked sad in the face was until Wednesday afternoon that the drops of blood ran through the face of the brunette virgin.

19 years ago, the family of Doña Rosa Limones requested a miracle to the virgin so that she saved the life of her granddaughter Cinthia and it was the young woman who now discovered what they consider a miracle, but that keeps the family in uncertainty because they do not know the reasons of the tears of blood or the message that the saint wants to send them with greater fervor of the Mexican people.

Until the house located on Heroes de Nacozari street in the El Huarache neighborhood of Lerdo city, the residents of the sector have come to take candles and pray to the 'virgin who cries blood', some unbelievers of the miracle ended up surprised because they were witnesses of the magical moment as it was the case of the lady, who refer mixed feelings of chills and emotion.