Miracles In Texas?



Escarchas, salt, oil appear on The Mother of Eucharist and Grace.



January 30, 2018 - The Grace of Escarchas, salt, oil reported in bog post titled Mailbag: Miracles In Texas? at [Spirit Daily.com]. Visit [link] to read full write up.

And another viewer says: “Just saw your article about the escarchas and this phenomenon is also happening here in Spring, TX and in Houston. “Please see pictures below. “We have many statues of the Mother of Eucharist and Grace here in Houston, TX that is exuding with holy oil, salt and escarchas. “This is my little statue of Mother of Eucharist and Grace and escarchas and oil manifested during Carmelo Cortez’ visit here in Houston last September 2017”.

“[This] is a larger statue of Mother of Eucharist and Grace and it belong to Merlita Velasquez. More Escarchas, salt, oil manifested in December 2017 here in Houston.”“Of course you may for the honor and glory of God. As I said, because of the prayers of many, our homes were always spared when calamities like typhoon and hurricanes devastated our areas. When typhoon Harvey hit Houston on August 27, 2017, our home was safe although we were surrounded by floor water. Flood was one block west and two blocks east of our street as if the Lord parted the water just like He did at the Red Sea. Same thing happened with Margaret Yong and Merlita Velasquez homes and other members of our Mother of Eucharist Group. Although their whole subdivision was submerged in water, and surrounding homes were completely flooded, their homes were dry.”

“Miracles do happen where the statues reside. When Typhoon Harvey devastated many homes here in Houston, TX on August 27, 2017, our homes were spared of the flood although we were surrounded with flood water. We were protected because we have many people praying in our homes. Just sharing. God bless. Roger and Lilia Bautistahe