Mrs. Galeano



Photo of Mrs. Galeano with visible stigmata.



March 25, 2016 Rough translation from [here]. Also [here], [here], [here] and [here]. The stigmata on Sunday Galeano in Briatico: open doors for Good Friday. Just a few days at Easter, last Sunday we went to the little house on Sunday Galeano in the ancient settlement of Baracconi ward in Briatico. A stone's throw from archaic flying to Corajisima dolls hanging on the doors of the house of Carmela Grillo Galati and Mattea and a few meters from the old white ordeal three crosses, still set with palms and olive branches blessed, who protected and marked the limit of the housing country. Today, March 25, Good Friday, the doors of its rooms are open to all, his house will turn into a true agora mystical. Today on Sunday Mrs. Galeano stigmata are quickly taking the final shape already, spontaneous and mysterious skin traces on his body, are slowly changing color from light pink will become short dark red, with coagulated blood and scabs. The mystic signs and sacred, the mysterious writing that year, from thirty-one years, are welcomed from his body during the days of Holy Week, the chase and mark conspicuously body and soul.

A few years ago Sunday, in his small, modest home, also received the visit of the Bishop of Mileto, Nicotera and Tropea, Msgr. Luigi Renzo, accompanied by Don Salvatore Worked, parish priest of that time, even before they had seen Father Maffeo Pretto, Don Luigi, Father John, Father Zefferino Parolin, Father Joseph and many others, the list is long. Today this meeting she remembers him with great emotion and remembers well that he had promised to the bishop not to be filmed by television cameras, she does not want publicity, they visibility and media clamor. Television newsrooms of RAI and other broadcasters constantly and unnecessarily ask to film his stigmata and conduct interviews but she gently still refusing for years. A Roman film director had even thought of being able to make a documentary film about his extraordinary story. Nothing to do, no release form. The people here, at her home, we get the same, every Good Friday, increasingly numerous and then, again, all the other days of the year.

A person claiming to meet her, to be received, seek advice, a word of comfort, an opinion, a contact with a woman who finds herself unwillingly these strong signs of Christ's Passion. But she does not offer advice but welcome, urges faith in God, offers comfort, not devotion to herself. Humble and discreet witness of Christian suffering tries to help, how can all those who suffer. His face, though tried recently by severe family loss, is always and consistently rosy, serene, full of mysticism that knows of acceptance for what happens in the week of the Passion. Sunday Galeano lives with her husband Nicola, Briatico in a dignified and welcoming home in her modesty, silent place, every year many believers on pilgrimage of so many people seeking help. Every Easter more and more, the voice is spreading, spreads. There is, for years, a discreet word of mouth, it also speaks of healing, of so many people from the hands on Sunday feels radiate intense heat sensation, but also extremely cold, freezing. And who knows, now, knock on the door of his home, to see and kiss his stigmata, to touch them with a white handkerchief.

Anyone is welcomed, provided that animated by Christian faith. In many, photographers, videographers, doctors, psychologists and priests, who come up here and run through the doorway of his house, they become witnesses of his suffering or mediated, intimate but visible, collective, tangible also through images and signs that manifest ritually on his body. She does not ask for money, never asked anybody anything, the people of the same something, a packet of biscuits, oil, fruit juices, other foods, little things "for the disorder," to thank a simple, spontaneous and sweet woman. We followed, this year, the evolution of the traces of blood since their debut, signs have appeared on his hand, arm, on a finger. She, on Sunday, today is sixty years old and since 1986 that, in silence, welcomes this message that arrives on time but with different track every year. Ben thirty years with the cross on his hand as a regular feature, with rosary beads on the wrist, the traces of thorns and spikes of flagella, the whip marks on his shoulder and other archaic signs of religious, symbolic, Christian.

They are, according to experts who study these phenomena, the classical iconographic elements, signs that seem to have been left by a crown of thorns, from ancient scourges and whips. Sunday Galeano is, first of all, a simple woman from the normal everyday life, mother, wife and grandmother. Sunday, defending human, once a year, of skin lacerations - state unexplained - with signs that materialize on his skin through injuries and stigmata from dark blood. Its ritual ecstasy of passion is manifested every year on Good Friday from 15.00 o'clock, just as the scriptures report of the death of Christ. After long, intense minutes of a state of consciousness similar to death, where he finds himself sharing, in the territories of Golgotha, along the Addolorata and the Magdalene, the pain of the human condition to the Martyrdom God is revived very slowly and tells all present, in a tired voice and faint, his short but very long journey, his visions, his ecstatic meetings, received messages, places and visited the sacred time. Then, slowly, he recovered, his face rosy returns, buy color and after consuming a hot broth slowly regains his strength.

In the evening is already fit and resumes of all time with its rites of Holy Week life, his songs in processions behind the wood and papier-mâché icons, saints, Christ and the Madonna cloaked in black, the Masses and its Christianity ever. Sunday has always been a simple woman, flees from self and chooses the way of humility. The Church, for its part, for some years now knows. In these years the parish priests who have ruled the country went to visit her at home in this very special occasion. perhaps Galeano Sunday is a real new mystic, who lives in an area steeped in faith and devotion, in living memory [Natuzza Evolo] whose transcendental mystery science has never been able to explain. Today Sunday, simply more Mimma, reminds and stresses noting the classic statement of the humble "earthworm", the mystique of Paravati.