Virgin of Fatima mourns tears of blood Esquipulas, Nicaragua


Photo of the Virgin of Fatima who cried with tears of blood in a home in Esquipulas, Nicaragua.


July 22, 2018 - Reported [here]. Video [here]. Translated from Spanish. A pilgrim virgin of the invocation of Fatima in a visit to a home in Esquipulas wept tears of blood. Father Héctor Treminio went to verify this fact, who assured that this message could be a "private revelation" in the face of a situation that the family lives or because of the critical situation in Nicaragua.

This is the third time that manifestations of the Virgin are reported, but on this occasion the case created an impact among the parishioners because they were tears of blood. The Catholic Church in the national sociopolitical crisis has suffered different attacks on its temples, as well as its bishops and priests. It also coincides with the call made by the Episcopal Conference for the celebration of a fast and exhsorcisation, in addition to other days of prayer.