Mary weeps tears of oil Fresno, California




Above images are of Mother Mary in Fresno, weeping tears of oil.



A tear drips off of Mother Mary's chin

Pilgrim's hands covered with tears/rose scented oil from Mary



May 9, 2016 - Reported [here]. A Virgin Mary statue in Fresno house is being called a miracle.The family who owns the statue calls it a miracle and said it's been happening for a while. To the faithful, Maria Cardenas said the statue of the Virgin Mary is a blessing. Tears seem to well up in her right eye and stream down her face to her chin. Cardenas said it's beautiful the way she looks right now. Every tear, she said, is nothing short of a miracle. So she collects them in a glass and shares them with those who find their way to this home.

A lot of people come and they can't believe it, she said, but they come with faith. "I wanted to come see for myself," said Richard Quintana, neighbor. Quintana just moved in across the street and he was invited in to take a look, for the first time. "That's amazing. It takes the words out of my mouth-- like wow. I'm so amazed," said Quintana. Cardenas said I don't understand why she's doing it but it's something good. She said the statue was a Mother's Day gift she received 10 years ago almost to the day. But it didn't start weeping, she said until a year and a half ago when her cousin, Jessie Lopez, was murdered. Sometimes she doesn't cry for weeks or months Cardenas said, but when she starts, she will cry again.

Action News cameras watched one of the tears fall. It was oily and smelled like roses. And another tear immediately started building up. One man, who didn't want to be identified is the statue's caretaker. He said people have tried to figure it out but have only come up with one explanation. "We've had priests come from all over to look at her, and all they say is that it's a miracle." At this house the Virgin Mary statue weeps, or so it seems, for anyone to see, not just the faithful. "We're not hiding her, but at the same time, we don't want anything to happen to her,' said the caretaker. The people who live at the house said the door is open to anyone. They don't want to give the address, but if you are invited, you are welcome inside.