Weeping Icon of Christ Columbus, Ohio.



Icon of Christ streams myrrh Columbus, Ohio.



August 28, 2012 - Reported [here]. Icon reported to be weeping at St. Nicholas Church, Columbus, Ohio. On Tuesday, August 28, 2012, the eve of the Feast of the Icon of Christ "Not Made with Hands" according to the Julian Calendar, an icon of our Lord, of the same type, began weeping at Saint Nicholas Church. "This was witnessed by a dozen parishioners who attended the Akathist service on Tuesday night," said Archpriest Miroljub Ruzic, rector, who was also present for the service.

The Icon has been in the parish church for 13 years. "May this miracle arouse in us more sincere and heartfelt genuine repentance," added Father Miroljub, "and may the purifying tears of our Lord confirm us all in the unshakable and steadfast confession of our True, Salvific and Holy Orthodox Faith."



Read a [Pdf] announcement about the weeping Icon. [Visit] St. Nicholas Church, Columbus, Ohio.