Our Lady Rosa Mystica cries, Lambayeque, Peru



Above photo is of Our Lady Rosa Mystica weeping.



August 11, 2015 - Reported [here]. Translated from Spanish. Also video report [here] that shows the a tear running at the 0:42 second mark. -An image of the Virgin Mary shed tears from her right eye in a house located between the intersection of Tacna and Augusto B. Leguia avenues Ferreñafe city, region Lambayeque. Mrs. Rosario Reyes, who since 2009 makes pilgrimages Ferreñafe with the image of the Virgin, said it was his 12 year old son who noticed the fact when he came to pray. Rosario Reyes indicates that the figure corresponds to Our Lady Rosa Mystica, who is dressed in white and with three roses on the chest, white, red and gold, symbolizing the spirit of prayer, sacrifice and penance.

"My son yelled at me very scared to say that Our Lady Rosa Mystica was crying, so I ran to the room and saw tears run down her face. It is the second time it happens this fact since in 2013 also shed tears, "she explained. The devotee said that the religious figure was sent many years ago from Italy to his sister Julia Esquén Kings and their faith due to his intercession for many miracles, is requesting the image for peregrine in ferreñafanos homes for six years.

Tears of blood

Rosario Reyes said the image of the Virgin alleged Rosa Mystica also shed tears of blood when he was in the home of the Jaramillo family a week ago. The members of this family told their children realized that the virgin was crying blood and observed that the approach of his right eye out as reddish liquid, which cleaned so that children do not panic. Given this fact, the people of the area have come to the building of the Piscoya Reyes family to pray, perform prayers and chants; and putting on flowers to the image of the Virgin crying, saying you want to give a message.