Eucharistic Miracle Yardville, New Jersey




Above images are of Father Robert J. Rooney and the Host that bled in his hands.





Following report found [here]. On Mercy Sunday, April 10, 1994, a visiting priest, Father Robert J. Rooney was celebrating morning Mass (before a congregation,) in Yardville, New Jersey. As he elevated the Host and spoke the words of consecration, a red substance flowed out of the Eucharist; this anomaly is easily seen in three of the four quadrants of the consecrated Eucharist. The altar boys and the reader also saw this event and commented on the "strange" color of the Host. The events following this phenomenon have caused much misinformation to be transmitted about this occurrence and I wish to take this opportunity to share the facts surrounding this event. In defense of our Lord, our Lady and this fine priest, I promise you the reader, the courtesy of communicating only the facts that I have personal knowledge of without any addition or exaggeration.

Since Fr. Rooney was quite understandably shaken by the red substance appearing on the Host, he put it on the paten and consumed one of the other consecrated Hosts at that Mass. After Mass, Fr. Rooney and the local parish pastor, Fr. Art, examined the host to see if this anomaly was still present; it was and they decided to keep it in the tabernacle until the Bishop could look at it and decide what to do next. Fr. Rooney also telephoned this writer and shared his entire experience that Sunday afternoon just a few short hours after the occurrence.

The Bishop chose not to investigate it and Fr. Rooney arranged for this photograph to be taken. The Eucharist was then given to Father Valenta who was Fr. Rooney's spiritual director. Fr. Valenta allowed this writer to photograph the Host for documentation purposes and then he allowed four medical doctors, experienced in blood analysis, to perform a non-invasive microscopic examination to determine if there was a scientific explanation to this phenomenon. (Note: invasive contact with a consecrated Host may only be done with a bishop's permission.)

The four doctors stated, "There is no scientific explanation, the red material came from within the Host and it has the microscopic characteristics of human blood; the Church must make the determination as to any miracle".

Of no minor importance is the fact that Fr. Rooney was the spiritual director of [Joe Januszkiewicz], the alleged visionary of Marlboro, NJ. During 2 years of verbal exchanges between the alleged visionary and Fr. Rooney, requests were made each month to have our Lady produce a physical sign so that people might have proof that she was coming to this place. In April 1992, she said, "My Son would take care of it; the sign would be very very clear." In May 1993, she told Joe that the sign would be soon and Fr. Rooney would be the first to see it. On another occasion she scolded Fr. Rooney for his insistence of a sign and told him to be patient regarding the sign. After the news of the Eucharistic phenomenon got out, both Fr. Rooney and Fr. Valenta became the target of much gossip and character assassination because of their sincere efforts to have this Eucharist given a proper investigation. On the feast of Corpus Christi (the Body of Christ,) June 5, 1994, our Lady appeared to Fr. Rooney in his dining room at 9:45PM, (the time frame just after the alleged Marlboro apparition just a few miles away). During this particular visual encounter with our Lady, Fr. Rooney asked her if it was his blood on the Eucharist; she said, "No, this was a gift from my Son; your spiritual director has it and he will do everything. You do nothing."

After receiving the medical report, Fr. Valenta delivered the Eucharist to Bishop Reiss of the Trenton diocese. Fr. Rooney died six weeks later on the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, July 16, 1994. I believe these priests to be extremely conscientious, loyal to the Pope and consecrated to our Blessed Mother. My life has been blessed by knowing them and sharing their suffering as a result of defending Jesus truly present body, blood, soul, and divinity in this Eucharist.

I personally took this picture and heard this testimony with my own ears. Rumors that the blood shown on this Eucharist is a photographic trick or that the blood came from Fr. Rooney in any way are simply incorrect. I make no judgment on the events of Marlboro which still occur privately each month nor of the bishop's actions; if this photograph does anything, I pray that it increases your reverence for Jesus truly present in the Eucharist. At Marlboro, our Lady asks us to pray, fully participate in the sacraments and support our priests. Good advice to be sure! Most respectfully in Christ - Robert Pladek


Following report from Marlboro, New Jersey has been the site of purported Marian apparitions for nearly ten years. On April 10, 1994, the feast of Divine Mercy, Father Robert Rooney, the spiritual director of the visionary, was celebrating morning Mass in nearby Yardville, New Jersey at Saint Vincent de Paul Church. As he raised the Host and said the words of consecration, blood flowed out of the Eucharist. The altar boys present and a number of parishioners saw this occur and Father Rooney was understandably shaken by the bleeding host. After showing the Host to the parish priest, it was decided that the Host should be retained in the tabernacle until the head of the local Episcopate, Bishop Reiss, could decide what actions should be taken. Several days later the Bishop decided not to investigate the phenomena and Fr. Rooney gave the Host to his spiritual director Father Valenta.

Father Valenta had the Host photographed and then examined by two medical doctors using non-invasive microscopic analysis. Non-invasive techniques were used since a bishop's approval is required for any invasive examination. The doctors stated:

"There is no scientific explanation, the red material came from within the Host has the microscopic characteristics of human blood; the Church must make the determination as to any miracle."

On June 6, 1994, the feast of Corpus Christi, Father Rooney stated that the Blessed Virgin appeared, in her first and only appearance to him, in his dining room and told him that her Son had sent him a gift - the gift of the bleeding Host - and from now on his spiritual director would take care of everything. Father Rooney died six weeks later on July 16, 1996 - the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Father Valenta delivered the bloody Host to Bishop Reiss of the Diocese of Trenton where it still resides.