Branka District Bingula cured of cancer after pilgrimages to Medjugorje




Above photos are of Branka District Bingula.


January 15, 2015 - Reported [here]. Rough translation from Croatian. Zagrepčanki Branka District Bingula (56) was diagnosed in 2005, a malignant tumor of the breast. They operated on it, and then have her uterus removed. Just two years later, they found her lung metastases. He says he has vowed to Our Lady and her intercession, God had completely healed. - I was sitting at the table and suddenly sting me in the left breast. Hand I felt the lump. I guessed what it was. Mammography and ultrasound confirmed my fears, it was a malignant tumor - a story Branka showing us extensive medical documentation.

Metastases spread to the lungs. The doctors sent her to the hospital, was followed by surgery to remove the tumor which, and began the tedious and difficult recovery. After chemotherapy had a problem with the uterus and the ovaries so she removed them. Already the following, 2007, metastases have spread to the lungs. - The whole world we crashed. It seemed to me as if I had all these years fighting in vain. As soon as the metastases, and the end is near - recounts Branka. The church had previously walked out of habit. Although she was born in a Catholic family, the church had previously walked out of habit. - I had a Bible for years, and I never took in hand and read. Never even opened. And yet I wondered, 'God, why me?' And then I started thinking about my life and faith - says Branka.

At hospital, she heard stories about Lupoglava. At the hospital she heard the story of a woman doctors gave only a few months old, and was able to defeat cancer. She went to Lupoglav in the Community Good Shepherd with charismatics, Reverend Drazen Radigović. Drawn to the story, and Alicia went to Lupoglav. People pray there and glorify the Lord, and reverend is laying hands on the sick. God heals through it. Already after the first visit I knew that God would not leave and that I will get well - explained Branka.

Often contacted the Lady in quiet, personal prayers. She began to make pilgrimages to Medjugorje. After several weeks of examination showed that the metastases disappeared. - My illness has disappeared as if by magic, and believe me through Our Lady's intercession, God healed - she concludes with a broad smile on his face holding a normal findings in hand.