A Mother’s Tears for Her children






October 22, 2014 - Reported in [Spirit Daily.com]. From the mail: Look at these tears. In the mail was a note to us from old friends Ricardo and Maria Osorio from Fredericksburg, Virginia, who said, "We are sharing this information with you for your discernment. The person sending the message is a good friend of ours and a great spiritual mother. Please feel free to share it for the meditation and discernment of others if the Spirit leads you to it. (Note, that in some of these photos below, you can see the tears flow down her chin and drip.)"

Following are some of those photos (best viewed on a computer or iPad, as opposed to a cell). The "spiritual mother' of whom they speak, Angelica (known to friends simply as Angie), says:

"My dearest family in Christ, I have prayed much for God to guide me through this message of love; or rather, for Him to speak through me, as this is quite different from any other which He has inspired me to write in the past.

"I have first prayerfully discerned if it is His Most Holy Will for me to share this with others. Having received this confirmation, and knowing with God’s Holy Peace and certitude that it is not my own desire, preference, or decision, but His; I ask Our Blessed Mother Mary to draw each of you deeply into Her Maternal Heart, where Jesus reigns, so that you may better experience this, His Message of Love and Hope.

"To those who might wonder about its significance, especially to my non-Catholic brothers and sisters (who are not accustomed to this), I should explain that mystical phenomena such as this have frequently taken place throughout the history of the Church, manifested in many ways and forms. They are not the essence of our faith; in other words, our Catholic Faith does not depend on these. Were any of these ever to be proven false, it would not shake our deeply rooted faith in Christ, the Divine Word of God made Flesh, and all which He Himself revealed to us. He is the New Covenant or Testament, the Revelation (unveiling) and fulfillment of the Old Covenant or Testament in which He was concealed (hidden) as the Promise of the Father, the long awaited Messiah. In Him, as the Divine Spoken Word of God made Flesh, in Union with the Father and the Holy Spirit, we live and have our being.

"These manifestations of God’s Love for us, either through visions and/or messages from Himself, or from His Mother Mary, are simply holy reminders and tangible signs of the reality which lies beyond, in eternity. If these private revelations are ever to be made known publicly, then in holy obedience they are submitted to Holy Mother Church to examine and determine its authenticity. Throughout the ages, there have been many which, once approved, developed into well known Catholic spiritual devotions; while others did not. As God’s children, He has often deigned to use these means to move our hearts, minds, and souls to a deeper conversion; especially when He sends Our dear Blessed Mother to warn us and guide us on the right path to Heaven, as any good mother would. With this understanding in mind, the instance shared here, is not to be seen as any other than a personal experience of someone in the privacy of the individual’s home. Because of its nature, it seems appropriate that it could also have great significance in others’ lives. It is toward this end, and only with this intention, that I share this.

"I write this then, to send you attached pictures for your own prayerful reflection and meditation; in the hope that it deepens your awareness of God’s and Our Blessed Mother Mary’s sincere and profound love for us.

"Though the attached series of photos should 'speak for itself,' I will share here some details which will assist you in a deeper understanding of its significance. I will not share the identity of the individual who was blessed with this mystical experience, as this was entrusted to me in strict confidence with assurance of my prudence. I was then given permission to share this with all, not to draw attention to the recipient of the gift, but to the gift itself, and most importantly, to the Giver, our Loving Merciful Father.

"I have known of this for over a month now (when this soul entrusted this precious Gift to me); and have since silently and prayerfully discerned what God’s Divine Will is in this matter. I have consistently felt in prayer that this visible manifestation of God’s and Blessed Mother’s Love is meant to be shared, so that it may touch the souls of all His children especially those who are experiencing much suffering and are in need of personal consolation and hope. The chosen soul who received this gift sent me these pictures (after sharing about the particular circumstances with me) and then agreed that I should serve as an instrument to send to many. I then consulted with a Catholic priest who served as God’s seal of approval for me to act upon it; and now, more than five weeks after this event took place, I make you partakers of that which has been entrusted to me. The story is as follows.

"The night of September 8th, Feast of the Holy Nativity of Our Blessed Mother Mary (during the middle of the night, before dawn of the 9th), this individual was awake praying, unable to sleep, when suddenly had a sense to look toward the statue of Blessed Mother in the room (apparently a small one, less than two-feet-tall).

"Upon looking at Her, this individual witnessed what you will see in the attached photos (which were taken throughout the duration of the hour or so, that this experience lasted in the night). This soul explained to me that next morning (September 9th), along with the visible reality experienced, God allowed an interior awareness of Blessed Mother’s deep Love for each of us, her children.

"Love is not true love until it hurts; hence, her Tears. At times (this person shared). Her face seemed simply filled with sincere maternal love, other times she seemed to be in deep pain and sorrow with us and for us, while other expressions were of sadness for our personal and worldwide sins (especially the serious ones) and at times even a sense of joy and gratitude for our virtues.

"These various expressions may be somewhat vaguely detected upon viewing the photos here. Also, apparently the eyes on the statue are fairly small, barely open, yet during this experience, they were very widened, and at times seemed to look in various directions (which you might detect here as well). Let us prayerfully discern and reflect on the message She transmits to each one of us personally, while we gaze at Her Countenance. Let us thank God for this Gift and manifestation of His Love through His mother, for us all. Let us be like children, God’s little ones, who open our hearts, minds and souls in complete trust and dependence, always responding to His Grace, as we continue on our earthly journey of faith, love and hope, toward Heaven. God bless you and Blessed Mother Mary guide and protect you always -- Angie."