Weeping Madonna Casapulla, Italy





Photos are a Madonna who cried in Casapulla in 1955. Pilgrims visiting the image and cotton on which many tears have fallen.






Reported [here]. Rough translation from Italian. I was asked by some young news about the Madonna of the Tears who cried in Casapulla in 1955. I could not have direct memories but in my memory was still alive is the image of the chapel set up in the place of the miracle that so much emotion that I felt through my loved ones. I tried then in the memories of family and friends here and I drew a souvenir of the event. Today are still trying to come into possession of a rare document of those years with the journalistic chronicle of that 'event and I am pleased today to share with you all.

The national newspaper: 12 March 1955. The few lines of the newspaper and the portraits of the tears on the face of the Virgin Mary, the cotton swab that contained, school groups visiting the soldiers who provide the service order conjure up the emotion and the participation of the miraculous so far which then spread abroad in our little town to jump to national news.

Two facts deemed miraculous occurred two days apart, from Friday 25 February to Sunday 27, Caserta and Casapulla, in the house of poor people. An image of the Lady of Grace in glazed earthenware which is located in the home of Mr and Mrs Lombardi wept. A doctor and a chemist were not able to give a scientific explanation of the phenomenon and the local pastor visited three times in the house where the miracle happened but did not express any opinion. The Archbishop's Curia is conducting an investigation. The locals strongly impressed she went on pilgrimage to the home of the miracle. Above the Madonna in Casapulla. Around the image that the police had to intervene to regulate the influx of the faithful.

Even in Caserta image of the Virgin began to weep thus increasing the impression and the interest of the crowd. A Casapulla not just reproduced the phenomenon was called the doctor, dr. Aldo Cioppa, who collected in a pipette, a few tears. Given the small amount of liquid collection, was made, waiting for a more accurate analysis, a microscopic examination according to which the liquid was judged that is similar to that of human tears. Even the police that a week do you look at the image they saw the miraculous tears.

Casapulla is a large town near Caserta and the weeping Madonna was given two years ago to the spouses Mario Lombardi and Anna Carnevale, on the occasion of their wedding, from an acquaintance who had bought it in a store of sacred images. The tears were seen to sprout from the eyes of the Madonna for the first time at 14 Friday, February 25 and the phenomenon was repeated several times in the same day and the following days. In the photo of schoolchildren visit the Caserta icon.



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