Blessed Mother Mary, sacramentals weep oil, Michigan






June 12, 2014 - Reported in [Spirit]. Perhaps the most extreme such recent claim comes to us from the house of a Chaldean woman in Michigan, where, since 2008, according to Dr. Basil N. Najar, of West Bloomfield, who has researched it, there has been the oozing "of huge quantities of oil from many sacramentals," along with "apparitions and messages from the Virgin Mary." Najar asserts that what would be tantamount to dozens of gallons of oil "have oozed from more than twenty pictures and statues of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and is continuing. Many spiritual and physical healings have taken place when people are anointed with this oil. The oil has a pleasant scent and evaporates without leaving a trace. The oil oozes from the visionary's hands whenever she prays."s, like He carried His Cross. He will be with you when you endure your difficulties and sufferings. Do not be afraid and anxious. Offer your body and soul to Him. He will be with you in all these difficulties.” 

The name of the Chaldean woman and her husband, and the precise Southeast Michigan city in which they reside is intentionally omitted from this article, because they prefer privacy. Two priests and a spiritual director are guiding her, whose names are also withheld.  The Church has not yet ruled on the authenticity of this phenomenon, nor the messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary.