St. Mary MacKillop weeps oil, Mornington Peninsula, Australia





Above photos are of the Julie Zammit owner of a portrait of St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop. She is holding the picture, which hangs in her Victorian home,  that is weeping tiny drops of oil. Note the visible oil on lower photo.



April 11, 2014 - Reported in [Spirit] from [here] and [here]. Julie Zammit, 82, from Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula, initially noticed the drops appear on the picture of St Mary MacKillop in 2007. Now she says two new drops of oil have appeared. 'I never touch the picture so this happens by itself,' she said. Ms Zammit said the new drops appeared on St Mary’s eyebrow and veil. 'I cannot explain it. I don’t know what it means,' she said.

Ms Zammit houses a shrine of notable saints and popes, as well as flowers and candles, against a wall in her living room. The oil droplets also appear on the wall directly surrounding the St. Mary MacKillop picture but are absent from any other areas of the wall or the shrine. The picture was a gift to Ms Zammit about 20 years ago by nuns from St. James’ Church in Richmond. Ms Zammit has reported the events to her local priest but he could not explain it. Professor of historical theology at Trinity College in the University of Melbourne Andrew McGowan said even though critics tended to be sceptical of religious phenomena, there were also cases where occurrences could not always be explained.



[See/view] 2007 Spirit Daily write-up on these events.