Our Lady of Fatima and a crucifix sweating oil in El Salvador



Photos are of the oil weeping Virgin of Fatima and crucifix from San Vicente, El Salvador. The oil coming out of the images is scented.




April 4, 2014 - Reported rough translation from Spanish in [Foros de la Virgen María.org]. In the town of San Vicente, San Vicente department, El Salvador, Central America, the phenomenon is occurring sweating an image of the Virgin of Fatima and a crucifix. A reader of the forums of the Virgin Mary, Jorge Alberto Duran Rodriguez sent us the information alleged miracle sweating an image of the Virgin of Fatima and a crucifix.

The family Iraheta use an image of Our Lady of Fatima on February 26, 2014 unexpectedly on Thursday 27 February afternoon, placed the image of the Virgin on the altar of the house, began to pour from her face water droplets, which as the days passed, sweating a scented oil. Additionally, on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 a crucifix over a meter large property and the like, the sun (at 6 am) pouring water from the body that later became oil emerging from his hands nailed on the cross and his whole body.

On Friday March 21, 2014, the image of the Virgin of Fatima dawned "rotated" or "move", looking toward the crucifix, when the night before was in the opposite direction. Are not explained who could move, since none of the house claims to have turned toward her Son Jesus. The family consists of father, mother and daughters (3), and 4 grandchildren. Are practicing Catholics attend Mass at least 2-3 times a week and are members of Legion of Mary and other church movements. Mother, whom the Lord has taken an instrument for parishioners and help them pray before images, has a very large healing testimony two years ago, as she was more than 2 months in a coma induced breathing problems and it took about 8 months to recover.

The pastor of the church I attend has already been informed and visited the site. He asked that the rally will live with the whole family prayer, but to be followed before a statement noting the church. Also, if they happen to visit parishioners images, to pray, open the doors and welcome you with love. Faithful people with great faith, daily visiting the home of the family and receive Iraheta cotton soaked with oil for healing of physical and spiritual disease, for different healing testimonies already given.



Learn more about these events at [Foros de la Virgen María.org] (Spanish).