"It's Not Your Time"


Linda Johnston had signs that angels were with her whole life. Then she died in a car accident. Floating above her car crash scene, an angel appeared and told her it was not her time yet. In intensive care her heart stopped and her angel came again to reassure her that she's not alone.



"It's Not Your Time" Written by Linda Johnston. Used with permission.



Angels calling - Instantly someone behind me grabbed my shirt collar and yanked me back to the sidewalk. I spun around to see who had pulled me out of the street. But no one was there. Someone had saved my life. But who?
Linda's heart stops/her angel appears - She wore the same white robes, still blown by an internal wind, still illuminated by an internal light. As she walked closer to me.
Linda's Near Death Experience - I can see colors and light and dark. I can smell flowers. I can hear music, yes, choir music. I can think. I can talk, but I am not talking. I am warm. I'm not afraid. But I don't know where I am.
Media coverage - A few newspaper and magazine clippings from the media coverage.



August 12, 2003 - Robin you asked how my NDE influenced the painting. I wanted so much to go to the beautiful lady, as I could hear clearly, see without glasses, I was in no pain and the music was so beautiful to hear. I had seen my lady in white before and was told that one day I would be with her. Although after she asked the question was I ready to go....I thought...."No...I still have a husband and children to take care of." The reply was "Good...because it is not your time." After coming home from the hospital and going through years of therapy and constant pain there were many times I wished I could reach out to her to stop the pain. But I always remember she is still there for me any time I reach my hands out for help. - Linda Johnston