Katya traveled to Conyers, Georgia for the October 13th apparition of [Our Loving Mother], the Mother of God. Catalina describes some of the events that happened to her; “While kneeling on the Holy Hill, in front of the large Crucifix, I saw a light all around the Crucifix, a very strong light. Then I felt the necessity to offer my life to the Lord so that He can use it in whatever way He needed to use it and to give Him thanks for all that He did for me.” Afterwards Catalina received the stigmata and went on to write many books containing the messages and teachings which the Lord and the Mother of God continued to dictate to her.

In 1998 Reporter Michael Willesee made a report entitled "Signs from God – Science Tests Faith,” on the appearance of stigmata displayed by a woman, Catalina Rivas. Also on the bleeding statue of Christ that mysteriously weeps and bleeds in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Catalina writes in a continuous fashion, profound theological teachings, which she says are dictated to her by Christ. [Video clips from the report pt1] pt2a pt2b pt3 pt4 pt5 pt6 pt7 pt8 pt9.