Miraculous oil in Montreal, Canada




December 8, 2004 - Reported [here]. Montreal hasn't been kind to modern miracle houses, but skeptics have turned into believers when they visited the living room of Maureen and Clayton Marolly, where oil has been dripping off of the many displayed religious icons since 1994.


December 13, 2006 - Found at Stan Piasta.com from [here]. The Marollys, a devout Catholic couple from Pakistan live in a home in the West Island full of statues which get inexplicably covered in oil all day long. The thick, clear oil descends off the figures in such quantities that they require a small drain pipe to catch the viscous fluid into a glass jug at the end of the coffee table. Maureen Marolly and Clayton Marolly claim that the icons started “sweating” in October 1994.

The pictures on the wall bear a multitude of holy patterns that look like Jesus’ face and other such things when you look closely. They have a daughter with Down’s Syndrome. Mom says people report to having Holy Visions of the girl. They make miraculous recoveries from grave illness after witnessing this vision. They welcome bus loads of visitors from the States and give away loot bags of religious pictures and vials of the special oil. They accept no donations.

There was so much oil in the air when I sat on their plastic-covered couch that after about an hour I found it difficult to grip my pen in order to take notes. I am the only journalist to have been permitted to report at this place. Don’t expect others to follow. They heartily disapproved of my article, which took a skeptical tone. “You didn’t come in faith,” Mr. Marolly complained. I replied that I did indeed come in faith, a faith in science.


From [Montrealmirror.com] Few Montrealers have paranormal religious miracles taking over their living rooms, but Maureen and Clayton Marolly claim to have just that. Since October 7, 1994, clear, thick oil has been dripping off of the many religious icons in their small living room. It drips off their coffee table onto a white metal rain gutter and drains it all into a large glass vase.

It’s as if Jesus participated in one of those surprise home decoration switcheroo shows with a taste for oil. Maureen swears she’s not supplying the oil and that the statues are spontaneously “sweating.” Each year thousands come to the small West Island house at Sunnybrooke and Hyman to witness the phenomenon. They come in busloads from the States during the summer and the Marollys invite them in and recite the Rosary and Hail Marys, accepting no money for the visits. Maureen was raised by Catholic nuns in Pakistan and says the Unexplained began when her daughter Andrea, now 18, underwent heart surgery to repair three holes in her heart. Andrea, who has Down Syndrome, has apparently displayed a sort of religious telepathy to the pilgrims who show up. For example, a friend-of-a-friend in Pakistan drank acid, and had a vision of the girl and recovered.

Skeptics who enter unconvinced leave convinced, Maureen reports, including a pair of elderly Anglican ministers whose hands filled with oil. Michel Sayde, an Eastern Orthodox Melkite priest from Lebanon, also cautiously believes that the Marolly house is blessed. From his riverside digs in Cartierville, Sayde pulls from his blazer breast pocket a small half-empty bottle of mystical oils he’s collected by syringe from various religious places. Sayde reports that oil spontaneously appeared on an icon he carried to the Marollys. Others who enter doubting and came out believing include “a boy who stormed out saying, ‘This is fake,’” says Maureen. “Later he called apologizing. A crucifix he had wrapped in a plastic bag in his pocket suddenly started dripping oil, leaving a stain near his pocket.”

But Maureen Marolly says she has no doubts since September 1996, when a vision of the Virgin Mary ordered her to a church in Ontario where a rose petal with an image of Jesus on it fell right on her. The petal is encased in glass and featured on postcards she gives out. Marolly’s tour includes a review of shadows in the background of pictures of her daughter and of religious figures. Some silhouettes look like religious figures if you look at them closely. And many touch the heart of the velvet Jesus tapestry that overlooks the statues. I was urged to touch it and pray.