Marisa Rossi





On May 17th 1998 during the night Our Lady entered the chapel behind closed doors. She took the hostensory, she put it in the middle of the altar and enthroned Jesus the Eucharist with it. She opened the little door of the tabernacle, that had previously been locked by Don Claudio and she put many consecrated hosts inside. Finally in Marisa's bedroom on the flowers and in the chalice of the white statue she put more consecrated hosts that filled the house with a particular perfume. At about 9:30 a.m., Don Claudio entered the chapel, which was already full of faithful, to read and comment the latest Our Lady's messages given to Marisa.

He had just arrived, when an unusual ring of the internal phone broke silence. Don Claudio was called and he rushed into the house. A short time after a lady arrived at the door of the chapel to tell some young people, members of the association, to reach Don Claudio. Immediately we all realized that something exceptional had happened and we waited in silence praying. Marisa immediately informed Don Claudio that, while she was momentarily absent, in her bedroom Jesus had leaned on some flowers a big host and some drops of blood gushed from it: two ladies had noticed the miracolous event. For the seventh time, since the series of the Eucharistic miracles had begun on 14th september 1995, Jesus or the Mother of the Eucharist had brought a blood-stained host. Read full story and see above images [here].


At the beginning of 2003 Marisa's stigmata have opened again and have bled abundantly for some weeks. The Lord asked the visionary to suffer his Passion for the renaissance of the Church, for the Bishop and for the end of the wars all over the world. Between June 18 and 20th of 2003 the invisible stigmata of the visionary Marisa Rossi have opened again. The wounds in the hands and in the feet, on the forehead and in the right flank have bled many times in the following days. Marisa has suffered unceasingly the passion for many days for the renascence of the Church, as was said by Jesus. Moreover for some hours she has been suffered from blindness, caused by the crown of thorns.

For many decades Our Lady has appeared in private to [Marisa Rossi] in Rome and she has given God's messages for all mankind about the Eucharist which is the heart of the Catholic faith. In June 1993 she asked in the name of God that the messages be made public and since 1995 many [Eucharistic Miracles] have happened. Our Lady said:

I am The Mother of the Eucharist, know Jesus' word. Love Jesus the Eucharist. Since 1971 Marisa Rossi has been assisted by the Bishop Claudio Gatti, her spiritual director, who founded the Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza -"Madre dell'Eucaristia", a prayer movement for the "Triumph of the Eucharist". H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti acknowledged the supernatural origin of the apparitions and of the Eucharist Miracles (Decree of September 14th 2000) The apparitions ended with the visionary's death, happened on August 8th 2009. Learn more about these events [here].