Excerpt from Edvige Carboni's spiritual Diary


Left photo is of a young Edvige. Right photo is of Edvige Carboni's prayer kneeler in her room.



Below text from [here]. Translated From Italian.

May 27, 1941

Jesus told me to S. Communion My daughter, as I am sad to see that so many of my priests are guilty also on the altar!

The world is bathed in blood and veiled with tears, yet they do not repair my heart hurt that with the blackest ingratitude!

Tell your confre with his fervent prayers that shelters the offenses that every day I get from many of my friends.

May 25, 1941

As I prayed in front of the S. Sacramento, all of a sudden I was kidnapped by the senses: I saw Jesus on the cross, dripping blood from each wound and the blood came down in torrents that bathed the floor.

I saw the angels with golden goblets in his hand, put it next to the plagues (the cup) at a time when the cup (was) filling. It was appartava one and the other with a new cup; part of the blood was lost. Jesus wept.

why are you crying?, I said.

Daughter, I cry because so much of my blood, which I scattered in the sorrowful passion, I see that is lost without profit.

May 27, 1941

I dreamed of Don Bosco in the courtyard of the Church of S. Heart. I walked over and said, Daughters, you and your sister you were doing for the conversion of this family. Daughter, those will not get anything good, they are not speaking.

See this vessel as it is beautiful? In a moment I saw the same pot dirty. See, I said, those are the same as this vessel, get dirty all the time.

Your sister does not have patience in the little annoyances is not good. You do not know how much I suffer (s) when I was in the world! My life has been interwoven with thorns, and you will for a trifle agitated: not good.

May 31, 1941

Grace is sick, do not be anxious; these days, I leave for Sassari. I chose for the victim, so give her to suffer with various tribulations.

Easter 1941

After the Holy Communion Don Bosco appeared to me and said to her, Daughter, see how beautiful this garden?

I saw so many white lilies. And he repeated: Daughter, these are the souls of the young, that I I raised, and still continue to grow: my children. Each young man in front of him a lily; those who work for souls will have the reward of glory that I had.

Tuesday, May 17

I was presented with double row, and he said to me: Of these two crowns, which do you want?

I looked, and I did not know which one to choose, I was uncertain about the choice. And the angel repeated to me: Who chooses the life of roses, the other will have to thorns.

May 4, 1941

I had a great humiliation by a lady. As I prayed I will present the Mary Help of Christians with the child in her arms. I was kneeling in front, I prayed and cried. The Heavenly Mother smiled at me and gave me for a moment the S. Child in her arms. I spent a few moments of Paradise.

May 1941

Another day I was praying when I saw in front of the Sacred Heart, who said to me:

- Daughter, you're crying for a little humiliation and I was not betrayed innocent? What harm had I done? I betrayed a man who ate at my table.

May 29, 1941

As I prayed I was kidnapped in an instant. I was presented with the Heavenly Mother and Child in the knees.

I came an angel and said: Come with me, made me kneel before the Virgin: he recited a prayer and wanted me to repeat it with him.

My Mama Celeste!

April 1941

As I prayed I stand before you a scale where there were two angels at the sides. One in the middle with a table, pen and inkwell and a large log.

So many people walked past, but indifferent; just stopped, took the pen and wrote in the registry.

At the top Cotesta scale was written: Treasury bills, then another message saying: Ten thousand per thousand of interest on top of the stairs I saw that remained in the middle of the S. Heart invited to climb up, but several, have reached a point, back down.

In that while I was doing the stairs, the S. My heart said, Daughter, tell your conf.re that propagates the first nine Fridays of the month, which I have given the interest for ten thousand thousand. "

May 23, 1941

Jesus, complaining, he said, of your con.re to pray for those priests who offend me even above the altar.

May 1941

Jesus introduced me two sheets of paper and said, Write On this sheet "Love your neighbor, forgive your neighbor, never to speak evil of thy neighbor."

I wrote the words he dictated.

Then he said: Now write on the second sheet, for your sister. I wrote.

In both of the last stamp with a stamp sheets full of blood.

June 1, 1941

Today, Jesus, after S. Communion, he said that the priest did not write more things from your soul, you have to have a little 'more than prudence. And you with your sister need to be more resigned and more good, if you want me to love you, you do not give me the slightest displeasure.

I saw a procession where, in triumph, carrying the Virgin Mary Help of Christians. The procession came to Porta San Giovanni.

The Virgin, at Porta San Giovanni spoke and said: - You will be between (1) It is a writing error, the context should be understood as the one on top of the stairs: "Ten thousand per thousand."

a few months a terrible war, and I'm holding the arm of my Son, angry about the immodest fashions and other horrible sins, but I can not appease him.

But I will be the protector of my area that did not, in this terrible war, no damage.

And the procession returned to the Via Appia to the Church of Mary Help of Christians.

December 24, 1940

On Christmas Eve, I found myself in the stable where Jesus was born Inside (on) a miserable cave was the S. Baby lying on a manger, S. Madonna glue Joseph knelt before the Child was shaking with cold.

S. Joseph, when he saw me, motioned for me to kneel down too, close, and told me:

- See our poverty? All of these are suffering for the salvation of mankind.

November 1938

I prayed to the good Jesus, all of a sudden I was presented with an angel and I hurt my heart.

This wound feel all 'now it is a wound that makes me burn with love for Jesus

May 1941

One night, while I was praying, I was presented with an angel holding a crown in hand, of thorns, put it in his head that I felt a pain, because I pierced the whole head, for several days, I could not open one eye, because became red, and inside, I seemed to be a thorn.

March 1940

Our Lady took me to the front where I saw many wounded soldiers. I trembled to see so many wounded dripping blood.

The Virgin told me, "Daughter, pray, pray and pray to your holy conf.re ago that my son will soon put an end to Cotesta horrible scourge.

Then he showed me one of my brothers that I afar, walked, was thin and sad, and the Lady said to me: why is so thoughtful (not) had more than your news.

October 1938

One evening, while I was praying, an angel took my heart felt (i) a great pain, and I said (Jesus) I love you, though I may see an enemy in your sight: scacciami all you want, I will follow you forever.

April 1941

The Virgin, one evening while I was praying, I said, "My son does not want to grant the grace of peace that the world is corrupt; immodest women who go to insult my son even within the Church, which are masked in red disgust.

Pray you, daughter, pray and make your conf.re so that my son can calm down.

And pray also for many soldiers who die at the front, not everyone with true contrition. Many of these remain to suffer in purgatory.

May 1941

The Virgin told me: Daughter, from the humblest to the highest world is corrupt.

June 5, 1941

Jesus Glue Mary Help of Christians said to me, These Sisters are without bread for today, my love, you have to give the gift that you had in San Antonio, or to orphans, you have to give for my love, half to those nuns.

And I said I obey, but they made me cry!

And He: It does not matter, in the book of life we ​​have to write any more suffering!

June 1941

Jesus said to me, My daughter, give me your heart, give it to me. And I: Get him, Jesus, and make what you want.

Sai daughter, who asked him to so many? Who wants to give me in half and is corrupt, I do not accept the things divided.

June 7, 1941

Daughter, do not answer to anyone without the permission of the confessor: be careful! Do not do anything without first asking permission. Your aunt is the mother of the poor, and I decided to take it out from the world because so many poor people benefited from her, instead of benefiting (thank) Me, do not deign, many, even in the feast day listening to the S. Mass, nor do Easter.

And I want to punish these poor, you pray and repair for them.

May 1940

The Virgin Help me (you) showed up and said to me:

- My daughter, my son is angry about the corrupt world, and wants to send mankind a punishment. I can not, by itself, able to calm his powerful arm absolutely wants to punish him.

I'm looking for signatures to calm my Son indignant.

He gave me a sheet of paper and I wrote.

I wish other souls they signed ... All pained disappeared.

June 1941

After the Holy Communion Jesus rebuked me, dicendorni: Daughter, you and your sister worry too much about the future, if I think for the birds of the air, and as I can not think for you that I love you so much?

May 1941

Jesus showed me the glory of St. Francis of Assisi, I saw him shining: the most beautiful of Paradise.

June 9, 1941

After the Holy Communion, Jesus told me: I am angry with men; outrageous fashions ... Very few are the souls that shelter for many sins of their brothers.

The evening of June 9 in the Church of Corpus Christi, while I was praying, I was abducted, I saw Jesus in the Host sparkling, and then, around was written in three written: Your my love. Your my love. Your my love.

June 11

I saw Don Bosco in the Church of Mary Help of Christians. She took my hand and made me kneel before the image of Our Lady: ask her, she said, this good Mother you will get what you want.

I, in a loud voice, begged her, saying thus: Ask God, Heavenly Mother, that makes us all saints! What would become of us if we abbandonaste you?

I do not deserve that you spandiate abundance of graces upon me that every day you get to the souls as well, but at least obtain for me the grace that nations give the kiss of peace.

Mom smiled at me.

June 12

On the 12th of June, after the S. Communion, I saw three Crosses: in one, in the middle, there was Jesus in the other two there was none.

Then I approached Don Bosco and said to her, Daughter, Jesus put me here to try to repair the victim souls in so many offenses that are committed against Jesus continually, especially with the immodest fashions, and then these victims will need to obtain peace between nations.

Daughter, and then I found you and Grace turn, these two crosses empty will be used, one for you and one for Grace.

June 15

After the Holy I saw three other Communion Crosses: in a Jesus walked dragging the Cross, the other two, Jesus told me, one for you, one for Grace.

Who wants to follow me and take up his cross and follow me!

June 21

Yesterday I had a little regret, I cried a little, when I was praying.

I was kidnapped, I was presented with an angel with a crown, and I put it in his head, saying: This crown gives it to you Jesus, abbila dear.

Meanwhile I put the crown, can you hear me (i) the entire head transfixed, his eyes could not open them. Me the pain lasted for hours and hours.

The morning of June 21, Jesus after the S. Communion, he said: You must have patience, I t'invierò some cross, accept it for my love.

July 3, 1941

While reciting the Angelus Domini, I was kidnapped: I saw the S. Heart and said to me, I've got your aunt. In this news, I cried.

And Jesus: Do not cry! Do not you know that I am the S. Heart, full of love?

Another time the S. Heart, after the S. Communion, he said: Know, daughter, that I am Cristis Charity (Caritas Christi); fear not, are repeated, Charity Cristi.

July 9, 1941

The Heavenly Mother I (you) showed up and said to me: How are you sad! You and your sister have no faith in me, your Mother! And do not you know that I am the treasurer of all graces?

Recitation of the Holy Trinity and raise this prayer:

- O Father, or Son, or Holy Spirit, or Holy Trinity, Jesus and Mary, or the saints of Paradise, this grace I ask for the Blood of Jesus Christ.

One day into the plat of July, I was presented with Jesus in front of him a marble statue and turning to me, said: I am remodeling Cotesta statue gradually. With my scarpellino (sic) the tweaking to become to perfection.

This statue is you, daughters, and I will now touch-up with a tribulation, now with others, but you are not at all capable of suffering the slightest chance, especially your sister.

June 30, 1941

After the Holy Communion I was presented with S. Paul the Apostle; smiling, he said, Daughter, thou alarms for small things: If (you) knew how sofri (s) in my apostolate! Hunger, thirst, despise captivity.

Yes, daughter, tell Jesus that has you as pleases Him for the salvation of souls, and for the coming of the Reign of the Sacred Heart.

July 12, 1941

As I prayed, I was kidnapped: I was presented with a large cross in the air with Jesus nailed above.

Jesus wept because a multitude of men below, mistreated him: those who threw stones, some pieces of iron, who insulted with profanity.

Jesus, all bloody, crying, saying: Save me, help me, take me to the Vatican, St. Peter's to hide me.

And all those (sic) men always carry followed him to the Vatican.

I who saw this, I said: O my Jesus, I too threw stones as Cotesti bad.

And He answered me, Help me, hide me to the Vatican.

Meanwhile, a host of angels were the court to S. Crocifsso, and accompanied him to the Vatican.

June 1941

One evening, while I was praying, I was rapt in spirit, I was presented with Don Bosco and said to her, Daughter, if you knew how much I suffered quend'ero in the world! My life was a martyrdom.

You now, if you suffer, remember that you offer a victim for the liberation of the poor from the Russian Bolshevism, relentless enemy of God

Daughter, pray, pray that soon the Crucifix enter the Russian Federation.

One evening, while I was praying, I was presented with the Heavenly Mother, Mary Help of Christians, and said to me: Your aunt is in Purgatory omitted because many times the S. Mass public holidays. He's quiet, I'll think about your future.

One evening I was presented with S. Therese of the Child Jesus, and above my bed scattered leaves a lot (of) pink (s) immediately disappeared.

One evening, while I was praying, I was presented with the Virgin and Child Help in the arm, and I smiled all affectionate.

One morning I was praying for my cousin who suffers from headaches, I said to Jesus, Heal, your minister is a Salesian. If you do not have health can not work in your vineyard; must as a missionary, and as it does with a headache? Heal him, Jesus! You know that's not to take medicine.

And Jesus answered: Daughter, know that the plants, there are many who (se) are not watered, dried, and so your cousin, if you do not take the following medicines, it can dry out more and more in health.

I can cure him in a moment, but for certain holy souls, my favorite, I allow to remain weak, and then make them my favorite. 43

Once I was taken to heaven, and saw two thrones.

I asked: Who are these thrones? I do not see anyone. And the angel said unto me: One of these will be for you, and one for your sister, but if perseverete in the holy purity, love of God and neighbor.

July 20, 1941

In the Church of Corpus Christi I was praying to the Blessed Sacrament. I was rapt in spirit, I was presented with the Mother of Sorrows and, weeping, he said, Daughter, please, the world is in ruins, the world has become a stinking dunghill. Stink, stench, the immodest fashions, from the brazenness of dress: the world has become a stinking garbage dump.

One day, while I was praying, I was kidnapped. I was presented with Jesus and he said, Daughter, will you suffer?

I said, yes, Lord, for your love I want to suffer so much.

Meanwhile Jesus presented to me in the form of Crucifix from the wounds of Jesus came rays of light, and these rays were to hurt me your hands, feet and the head and chest.

I feel (i) a pain in all parts of wounds, which remained hours fall to the ground.

I woke up and saw that the wounded parts I came out a little bit of blood, with immense pain in all parts.

I was over the age of 29 years old. From the day I grew fond to meditate morning and evening, the Passion of Jesus

My Jesus, I wished the day no more consolation, but only to suffer for you: to suffer so much to forget myself and live only for yourself, O Lord.

Jesus is so good, especially towards the afflicted. The poor mother often sent me to the grocery store late at night, I was afraid (a) walk alone, especially in isolated channels.

I was little, but I obeyed my mother, and I was ready for any command of my parents.

Scary, fast walking, all of a sudden I saw myself near my guardian angel, all loving, said to me: Do not be afraid, I am near, that I'm doing you good company.

We talked, she urged me to always be good to the neighbor, I entered the house to buy and ricotta cheese, and he remained outside. Then again accompanied me to the door of my house, and disappeared, leaving me all happy with the good company.

The grandmother I had sick about six years. It was old, not always content with what I gave her to eat.

It was time to World War did not (not) a lot of things, especially for a patient.

She liked it so much the fish, and one day would not eat: he wanted to fish at any cost.

Where to find it? I cried, I was a young girl with no experience (sic). I started rummaging through the drawers ... Wonder! I found a fish dish hot! How good is the Lord even to the sick!

July 8, 1941

While I was praying in the Church of Corpus Christi, I was rapt in spirit. I was presented with the Virgin all sad, he said, My Son is outraged by the sins of men, and I can not seem to appease him. He regretted that he had created man.

I'm praying that all men will soon give the kiss of peace, but I can not quench my Son angry!

Pray you, Daughter, pray and pray also makes your conf.re and how many souls you know good so that they soon calm down this scourge.

And, so sad, the Virgin withdrew.

July 1941

I prayed to the Virgin and St. Anne, that my nephew was intelligent and more good will in the studies, insisted at the Virgin who would grant me this grace.

My good grandmother, Anne, came up to me and said to me, My daughter, have faith in your grandmother Anna, that I will get the long-awaited grace. And I, overjoyed, kissed her hand, and I woke up.

July 1941

Yesterday morning, after Holy Communion, I feel (s) touch the shoulder, and a sad voice, ear, he said: I am a soul, dead (from) a few hours under the rubble. There are few hours that I suffer in Purgatory seems like a century!

God is severe, God is just, God punishes. Pray for me, and pray to Bishop ago Massimi, as well as to Paola and also Vitalia.

Pray, pray, deliver me from so many tremendous penis!

July 1941

As I prayed, after the S. Communion, I was kidnapped. I was presented with St. Anne Virgin glue. The Virgin came up to me and said, Daughter, most of the men have become filthy, filthy as filthy beasts. They throw in croache (sic) rotten and smelly. insult my Son also in the churches, the women shamelessly masked, and naked body, present in the Holy Temple.

Their prayers are not heard, do not rise to the throne of God, because made by people nefarious. The S. Mass listen to him sinfully, the S. Sacraments received badly.

My Son, to see so much wickedness, repents of having created man, and he will not listen to their prayers, and indeed at all (you) raise the throne of God: a bronze is placed between heaven and earth.

Tell your conf.re to pray, and say to the souls that approaching, that my Son is greatly indignant against mankind.

And, so complaining, the Virgin Mother with her went away.


I found myself Calangianus. I saw several angels that were prepared in the streets and triumphal arches.

While everything was prepared, two angels came other messengers, and said in a loud voice, Lift up these arcs; does not deserve it.

Promptly the same angels who had prepared the arches, rose arches bay already prepared.

A great feast was prepared in that country, but I do not know (what) demerit of reasons, the Lord raised her up the arches already prepared.

29 July 1941

Yesterday evening, while reciting the Rosary, I was rapt in spirit: I was presented with the Virgin with her hands clasped, as in prayer towards the Crucified Jesus

The Heavenly Mother used to say to his dear fgliuolo: Forgive My son, forgive mankind, forgive! Do it for those nine months I carried you in her womb; calm this scourge, let all men give the kiss of peace! Do it, my son, for which I gave you milk; does embrace peace glue all men!

Jesus answered: I do not deserve. The Virgin, sad, lowered his eyes.

How good is the Heavenly Mother! How loves us! She wants Jesus to forgive us and forget our sins.

August 1, 1941

After the Holy Communion was kidnapped: I found myself in front of the Church of St. Peter. I saw in the high S. Heart of Jesus with a majestic mantle; troops were passing in front of soldiers with rifle on his shoulders. And all the immense troops were passing in front of the Heart of Jesus, and He blessed them and said to them: Go, children, and defend my cause, then I will come to reign. The troops greeted Jesus and continued to walk. Jesus wanted to go to Russia to speak, to defend the religion.

August 1941

This morning, after Holy Communion, Jesus told me: Today, the devil will steal the money.

Yes, I knew it, last night P. Manzella "" I had warned you can not see, he said, why do you go to confession by the holy soul, and why you let into your home Vitalia. As well as your sister steals souls to him, talking about the beauty of s. Paradise, and how beautiful it is to do the S. Communion.

The devil is the enemy strong, terrible, of God

August 2, 1941

The confessor always says to me, Tell Jesus that processes this scourge, many souls die cursing.

I told him to Jesus, and he said: Tell your conf.re, and son of my heart, that the punishment of this war, is not a punishment of my justice prevail, but a punishment cell, my goodness and mercy, and through of this scourge, many souls are saved. And, by the blood of the many victims in Russia, above Cotesta blood will plant my church, and soon I'm going to put my throne. Even there I want to live and reign.

August 9, 1941

Last night I dreamed in Russia. I saw Stalin sat in front with one (1) He died in Sassari October 23, 1937.

table where he wrote in large letters the words: - I am the strong and terrible enemy of God - with an ugly face, which made me afraid to look good.

Stalin sent troops to kill soldiers of the troops of Catholic soldiers, and I screamed: Come in, I said to our good soldiers, come on, come on!

And so shouting, I woke up.

Stalin is really bad; follower of the devil.

We need to pray for him, because Jesus suffered on the cross and shed His Precious Blood for Stalin.

August 6, 1941

This morning, after Holy Communion, I had a rebuke from Jesus I said to her, Daughter, I love you more good; Pauline also must be ready to forgive not only the great offenses, but also the smallest. Otherwise, what virtue is never yours?

If that soul, receive it for my love, with charity and kindness.

If they do not, I do not want you, from here on out, nothing good: you have to reward evil for good!

You do not know, my child, how much I love the humble souls! And know that humility is the foundation of all other virtues. I love all souls, and especially with the humble souls I I delight, and you do not know what I like to converse with the children of men!

How good Jesus, how He loves us! If a sinner loves me so much, what will be the good souls?

I, too, Jesus, I love you, and I would die to force love you!

August 8, 1941

This morning after the S. Communion I was rapt in spirit: I was presented with the S. Heart.

him, crying, I said: O my Jesus, that person who had Promes-

I know that thing, see how we did it? We spent so much money! It's all stuff lost.

Daughter, she replied, that person could, if he wanted to, but offer it to me for peace of Nations.

And you were not offered the victim? Repeat with your guardian angel. the act of offering that I was taught by my mom.

And I, along with the angel, I renewed the offer of the victim.

Jesus continued: Daughter, were quiet with Pauline. I will help you, I will reward you for all the blessings in this time of suffering.

How good is Jesus! And we ungrateful, we know not appreciate so much goodness and mercy to us all his unworthy daughters!

August 9, 1941

After the Holy Communion I was rapt in spirit: I was presented with the S. Heart, and I, weeping, said, Jesus, as the world is bad! Only you are good.

A friend promised me to make me get that job instead!

How is (are) not care about the people of the world! Many expenses a lot of money! And the rich is not moved.

Jesus answered: My daughter, I commanded that taxing the rich and help the poor without reward, and yet the rich, my daughter, that my command is not listening and does not want to hear it. But I tell you the truth, are rare in the rich who enter Paradise, because most of the poor raise their blood that I love so much and I've always loved.

The good done for the interest in Me will never be written in the book of life, but will be written in another book characters to blacks.

My daughter, who does not love the poor, it is a lie that loves me, and whoever despises the poor, despises me: who usurps the blood of the poor, usurps me. I repeat that (is) easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich miser enter into my kingdom.

He's quiet, my daughter, and your sister do not worry so much, I will think of everything. Everything will be fine, and I will make from benefactor.

Your aunt is still in Purgatory. If you will do some celebrating Mass, I'll give it to him. Only recite some prayer in particular.

My good Jesus, you are so good! But you're also right.

Sunday, August 10, 1941

I found myself in the Church of S. Dominic: I was kidnapped. In the same Jesus showed up in majestic appearance, and sat in the middle of the Church under an aspect not only majestic, but coll'aspetto control.

So many people came with gifts; those things of gold, some silver, who deposited money in large quantities: everything put in front of Jesus seemed rich, Conti. Principles, in short, rich people.

Jesus came forward, took all those gifts and threw them out. Strictly saying, These gifts all the blood of the poor, do not accept it. And while he threw them out of the Temple, all of those objects, and also the money, they left a river of blood.

The Virgin, sitting at the right hand with so many girls, who stroked one by one, and they said: My daughters, each one go where Providence has destined. Always be good, honest and obedient to those who will be allocated to your superiors.

Who, of those girls, was destined for a maid, who used to, some for bride individually had his command: All, repeated the Virgin Mary, you are my daughters, and all are my dear. After the exile in this vale of tears you, chaste and pure, back in my arms.

How good is the Virgin! Not in front of you (us) are preferences or privileges and only those who can (and) you retain good will be his prime.

August 11,1941

Last night, grieving for a deal of my sister, I fell asleep. Jesus, like a canvas, introduced me to all my past life; pains and troubles: in short, even the slightest suffering I saw in front of me renew.

For these sufferings, Jesus told me, is that I love you, because all didst bear for my love.

He introduced me to a place. Come on, I said, here, you will see many beautiful things

Walking, I came to a beautiful gate where there were two angels at the sides, in the act of imposing supervision.

Above the door of gold, was written: Here there will neither dishonest or immoral.

The two angels made me sign to enter, and I, glad, I entered was a piece of Paradise. How beautiful it was! Plants and holes ever seen, the floor enamel pearls and precious flowers.

I walked a bit, then made me sign not to exceed more than.

While, enchanted, I looked extraordinary beauty, I saw approaching a Salesian priest, with a key in his hand, directed to a garden that trovavasi in the S. Paradise.

In the gate valuable (c ') was written in letters of gold:

Salesian Garden. Inside you could see priests large and small, secular of all ages, a wonderful garden, plants (e) flowers never seen, all the people inside were singing cheerfully.

I approached Don Angelini: Let us go and see your garden! No, I replied, is our stuff.

As we talked with him, in the air I saw wrote my name and that of my sister. Look, I said, our name is written in Heaven!

He was smiling.

So surprised, I woke up.

August 20, 1941

As I prayed, Tuesday morning, after S. Communion, Jesus told me: Daughter, you are grieving so much for Don Angelini. He is a soul so dear to me, but he has to work for my glory and bring many souls you have another driving it. I give it I can choose even better.

Resign, fgliuole mine, then you grieve too much for things temporal. And do not you know that I am the door, I get all my loved ones afflicted: the world there the will close his door, but I am always ready to aprirvela.

How good is Jesus! How much he loves his children!

August 22, 1941

Last night, while I was praying in the house, I saw Don Bosco was nice, smiling, affectionate. Approached me and said to me, My daughter, I love all my Salesian priests, you do not know how many of them there are saints! A Don Rotolo, a Don Angelini, Don Aurelio: these are holy souls. How many more like them I have holy and pure.

Not only do I have holy priests, but also of my colleagues I have secular saints. You may not all know, but I have a large rnimero. Even Don Gasbarra soul is dear to me.

I have others not according to my heart, not bad, but not as I wish.

I recommend my Salesians of want them (sic) all well and pray for them that all my Salesians do great saints.

It is so cheerful Don Bosco, (with) a beautiful face that I was left amazed! After giving me these warnings, the vision disappeared .

August 1941

As I prayed I was kidnapped. I saw myself in a great location so handsome that I can not describe, flowers, plants around (a) of the beautiful thrones.

I looked and saw in each throne a virgin dressed in white, with the head walls of a beautiful crown, and a harp neighbor who played and sang. Each virgin had his harp, and all together they sang praises to the Lord, his eyes turned upward, all together forming a choir.

In any throne was written the name of the virgin who occupied it: one was Santa Agnese, the other S. Lucia, another S. Therese of the Child Jesus were all in a row: What beautiful! They seemed angele.

While I was watching, I was approached Jesus and said to me, My daughter, if you are in the world will suffer all your pains with patience, one of these thrones. will be reserved for you, though you have to be good as they have been these virgins.

Look at this: it is an edge of S. Paradise: Later you can not see.

How beautiful it was! I can not describe many beauties.

How good is Jesus! For little things that Jesus asks us, how many awards, how many blessings!

August 1941

After the Holy Communion Jesus made me see Don Bosco. I went myself with my sister, and Don Bosco told us: Daughters, I love you because you are simple. You love to Don Gasbarra, warned it is a holy soul. Of my Salesian priests, I have many holy souls. As soon as those (these) words, smiling, she disappeared.

How good is Don Bosco! How affectionate! Even with the bad souls, as it is mine, he is good.

August 1941

After the Holy Communion Jesus said to me, My daughter, (be) more patient.

I am displeased with the person who promised you that place, and then reward badly. And this I'm so sorry.

You are poor, and she (?), But I punish myself: Who mistreats one of my poor, mistreated Me, Daughter.

August 1941

While I was praying in the Church of San Sebastiano, I was kidnapped. I was presented with Jesus and said to me, My daughter, as I am sorry for so many sins they commit a lot of my friends! One to S. John is in mortal sin, immoral life, is sick, and yet does not depart from sin, followed to live in the garbage dump and wants to die in the middle of the garbage dump, smeared in serious sins.

Pray, My child, pray for these souls, and do pray for this priest, that is Vitali Bishop and Father Massimi.

Others are equal in sin, also in S. Maria Maggiore.

Pray, daughter, and save me these souls that I cost him the same blood and my death.

August 1941

In the dream I found myself in a vast countryside, I walked along with my sister.

When walking tripped (in) many beams, that were hung and hung from tall trees. The beams we hurt the eyes, chest, in short, we were so bad.

We were in the dark, and to walk, we put her hands in front, but it was useless to not hurt us, at least in the chest was hurting us if salvavamo eyes: a dangerous walk, small stumble in the legs and feet.

While, anxious, (yes) continued (a) trudging, we showed Don Bosco. All bright, came over and told us: Daughters, were careful in walking, this vast meadow is the world where you live, all

these large trees are the priests, the beams you see, curves towards' you, bowed almost to the ground, are large branches that (you) stand out from the trees, attacked, but curved, which have outraged thousands of men: mean pain example of these priests (who) do so much harm to men. In the dark you make these, with the risk of you becoming blind and mortally injure the heart.

The small stumble in the foot, I am the evil example of other men, but not as priests, but of centuries. 1 more terrible are the stumbling blocks of large trees.

Pray, my daughters, so that these priests rischiarino again and made straight the way of the branches, destruction of millions of souls.

So saying, I woke up.

September 1941

In the dream I saw. Don Bosco. Approached me and, all smiles, he said, daughter, myself, when I was in the world, I had the most terrible persecutions by priests.

He's quiet, do not complain to anyone, then offer it to Jesus, and you will see the great merit that you do not.

When you are some tribulations, goes before the Blessed Sacrament and take it out with him.

With him only the daughter, and he will have the strength and courage to endure all the pain with love.

As I said these warnings, I woke up, and Don Bosco shots.

September 1941

One morning, after the S. Communion was kidnapped. I saw before me Jesus saying to me, dear child, I have given you free will to men to act as they like. The world is bad bad, I was forced to abandon them to their own devices.

I'm not who I sent the war, no, no, they are the sins of men that drew this scourge, are the leaders, the men who do it alone. And I will speak when I see that men can not do anything.

I speak it to save my Bride, the Church.

September 1941

Last night the devil I (you) showed up close, I felt it, I was making faces: I'll let the mischief, he told me.

Then he approached my sister, and made funny faces and grimaces. In the morning, as soon as I got up, my sister entered the hall, where he found three books by regalatici Monsign. Vitali, all browsed and battered, scattered on the ground and above the sofa.

September 1941

Last night I made a visit to St. Sacramento. I was rapt in spirit: I was presented with Don Bosco all smiling, said to me, My daughter, have patience, be more good, offer this persecution to the Heart of Jesus, and see the reward that you will!

September 1941

After the Holy Communion, Jesus told me: With that tribulation that the world asks you, you do not know how many souls you freed from purgatory, because, as you received them, all you have to offer to Me the souls in Purgatory most abandoned.

September 3,1941

As I prayed I was rapt in spirit. Jesus said to me, My daughter, for the post of your sister, I have placed it to get it, but you well know that I propose ,and the man has, in all things let liberty to man.

But do not lose heart: followed your prayers and you will get.

September 3, 1941

Last night, while I was praying, I was suddenly kidnapped. I saw before me the Help of Mom told me: My daughter, the world is falling into disrepair, as are few souls who pray for the scourge of war from you deserved it, as it's a few!

They think, the most part, the immodest fashions, oxygenate and disguise the face and ungue (sic), and fats because they can not eat well.

How much misery! Mothers who, instead of giving a good example, they ruin their sons and daughters! How much misery!

At least you pray that my Son appease the anger against the corrupt men.

The Help of Mom, sighing, she left me.

My poor Mom, what I would do to see you happy and appease Jesus!

September 4, 1941

This morning, after Holy Communion, Jesus told me: My boat is full of dogs, as they are indignant!

Tell to Don Alfredo V. that there vadi (sic) for that thing, and tell her that I love her so much, that is the same, because in them I find my heart full of earth, and I can not enter in their hearts because they are already full of earth, and I find no place for me.

He loves the souls in Purgatory, pray for them, my beloved brides.

How many times I see the Heart of Jesus sad, cry for the wickedness of men!

The other night, while I was praying, Jesus said to me, My daughter as men are indifferent to me! I have loved them even to the shedding of my blood, and yet correspond coll'oltraggiarmi!

I'm looking for victim souls, but few are those who find it.

And I said, Yes, Jesus, I accept gladly, because of thy righteousness offense, remains fixed.

September 1941

In the dream, I (we) Don Bosco and Dominic Savio showed up at his side. They climbed the stairs to enter our home to visit us, in between my sister and I went down and met. The two of them were upwards, the two of us, with my sister, we went down.

Don Bosco, when he saw us, he stopped and, smiling and putting his hand into his shoulder to my sister and said, Cattivona, you have not written in my cooperators! Write down. You gave your sister's name, and your no, naughty!, Always touching his head.

And we said: Come upwards. - No, no, again.

Say, I said, Don Angelini is good, and Angelo Monsign. Vitali?

- Good sons, indeed holy souls. Among the Salesians I have so many, even many, saints.

And we:

- Come upwards.

- No, again.

Dominic Savio, smiling, answered us, I will come to visit you soon and I Ricardone Peter sends us.

So saying, I woke up.

The next morning I told the dream to my sister: What a dream, I said, last night! But we must not believe in dreams, I replied.

Wonder! After lunch there was a letter inside with a libretto by Domenico Savio, ie the photograph and biography and a letter in which he said that she sent Peter Ricardone from Turin.

September 8, 1941

After the Holy Communion Jesus made me feel great consolation. He took me close to Heavenly Mother, which was all ablaze.

She stroked me and said, My daughter, I first see the light of the world, I had the use of reason.

How good is the Virgin!

September 1941

After the Holy Communion Jesus said to her, Daughter, do you want to suffer something for my love?

Yes, I said, not only do I want to suffer for you, but I would give my whole life and shed blood it all for you.

September 1941

The other night, while I was praying, I was rapt in spirit, I saw in front of a huge number of soldiers: Italian, German, Russian, English.

Against each other shooting guns, cannons.

He felt a pull against the other nation enemy; scarey only see them from afar.

In the midst of all those soldiers came Jesus, and said:

- All (are) my children, and I love you all and I have always loved, for all the scattered my precious Blood.

Love one another!, Repeating Jesus' love one another!. Why so much bloodshed? Because not all nations are united to my bride, because you do not love Me, your Father, there can love among you, brothers and sisters in Me As I saw blood shed in minutes!, And I was shaking with fear. After Jesus said those terrible words, he disappeared.

September 1941

While I was praying I saw the Virgin Mary Help of Christians sitting on a throne near us had the boys and girls. Our Lady still others who were called to play. They came near.

The Virgin took them by the hand and stroked them, saying to them: - Poor things, you are orphans.

- No, they answered them come, we are not orphans, we have father and mother.

- Yes, repeated the Virgin, are orphans because your parents little or no care about you, to give a Christian education, and so, left to yourself, you are more than orphans, because the real orphans are to be pitied, but you you are more orphans orphans.

I'm your mom and dad would punish, but I have compassion upon you innocent.

as those children know them. How good is the Virgin!

September 1941

I bought a painting of the Virgin of AT. While I carried it in his hand, the Virgin came to life, and I said: Take me by Vitalia.

I want to go by the relatives of Vitalia who are evil, who do not love me, and I want it in their home, to take possession of the family that is going to ruin.

Fetch me.

September 1941

While I was praying, the Blessed Virgin said to me, My daughter, pray together with Pauline, pray for my Son to subside, is angry with mankind. I, my daughter, I can not appease the wrath of my Son; 1 sins are too many, that the world is full of wickedness and (im) modesty!

September 1941

After the Holy Communion Jesus said to me, My daughter, pray for the world. convert, and that he may reign in all nations.

I definitely want to reign.

September 1941

After the Holy Communion was kidnapped. I saw Jesus sad, and said to me: I am in search of victim souls. The world is falling into ruin in search of victim souls, but I've found very, very few.

And you want to accept to repair the sins of your brothers? I will send you some tribulation, or accept it?

And I said: I would. Dear Jesus, I accept it, but to save all my brothers and sisters.

Well, Jesus said: I will as soon as you put it on the cross.

September 1941

In the evening, we brought the picture of Our Lady Help of Christians, my sister and I and a friend of ours, we began to pray before the Virgin.

As we prayed together, I was kidnapped: I seemed to see the Virgin Mary painted in the picture, come to life and tell me: My daughter, now I have taken possession of your house, from here on out I'll be mother "'(cf. n. 84).

Last night, September 22, 1941, as we prayed, I, Pauline, and a friend of mine, I was rapt in spirit, it seemed to me that Our Lady Help of Christians and animate it, sad sad, I said, My daughter, you. I recommend you to pray for this scourge.

My Son is greatly disdain for men, no longer recognize their creator: he wants to send mankind a more terrible punishment. I, my daughter, I can not appease him.

All nations van forgetting their creator, the world is falling into ruin, women, half dressed, they go so far as to insult my son inside his Bride, the Church, brazen, shameless.

My Son has had enough. Pray at least you, my daughters. I can not appease him.

A cousin of mine wrote me a friend of mine, who suffered so much, having lost the sight and (had) severe paralytic brother.

Before receiving the letter from my cousin, the night before. Jesus had warned me.

September 23, 1941

Today I received a letter from the friend blindly. Days later to receive (1) Now the picture is located in Alghero at the Passionists.

the letter. Jesus had warned me, saying, Take heed that Grace will ask you for clothes and shoes, send them such and such stuff.

How good is Jesus!

September 22, 1941

I was walking in the street, and I was approached by a boy of about six years old, he took my hand and said, Jesus is angry with men, are fed up.

He wants to send another terrible punishment; please you and Pauline pray that Jesus calms down.

Finished these words, the child disappeared.

I wept with grief at this news, and I returned home trembling.

I was praying before the Virgin Help of Christians. I was kidnapped: I saw Don Bosco near me with a number of children, all kneeling before the Virgin Mary.

Don Bosco was praying, he knelt down, and said, Heavenly Mother, have mercy on mankind's suffering so much in this time, calm the mighty arm of Jesus who is punishing the world horribly.

Beautiful mom, for the sake of these innocent souls that you see around me, see who die of hunger, pity. Mother, Help, have mercy on Cotesti innocent!

The Virgin looked down and wept. And said, My Son is angry, is fed up with the sins of men!

The vision vanished, and I found myself alone, kneeling before the image of Our Lady.

December 1941

After the Holy Communion I was rapt in spirit. I saw the Sacred Heart; I

approached and said, Jesus, have mercy on us. See who we are afflicted, it also lacks the bread, especially the kids as they do? They cry for hunger: have chard!

Jesus answered: My daughter, I spread out so much blood on the earth for your salvation, but I see so much blood that I scattered no avail, because everywhere I turn, I see that sins sins in men, in women the hill mode scandalous sins, brazen : come to insult me ​​even in my home.

Poor Jesus! How many offenses receive from us!

December 1941

After the Holy Communion was kidnapped. I saw Jesus in majestic appearance, but severe, I approached and said, Jesus, you can in an instant to calm the hatred that reigns in this hour among men: ago. Jesus, that soon everyone can embrace and give the kiss of peace, reminds them that we are all brothers.

Jesus sternly replied: My daughter, the world is falling into ruin. There is no more shame, sin of dishonesty with such impudence, the churches are deserted, the theaters are crowded, the kinemes (sic) can not contain more people, everything is corruption, everything is wild abandon.

My Father is angry, wants to punish mankind. How much blood I scattered no avail!

So sad, he withdrew. Poor Jesus!

December 1941

As I prayed, I was rapt in spirit. I saw Jesus came and said to me, My daughter, do not pray for the soldiers who die in war, and for those I got it. Pray especially for the priests, many of them offend me and I wound my heart.

So sad, Jesus he parties.

December 1941

As I prayed, I was rapt in spirit. It seemed to me to be close to the Heart of Jesus

I took her hand and kissed it, and He said to me, My daughter, I ask the Father to give you the priestly love.

If you will love this, you'll be happy forever.

Jesus, you are so good to me, your unworthy daughter and bride!

December 1941

One evening, while I was praying, I was rapt in spirit. I prayed before the picture of Mary Help of Christians. I said to the Virgin Mary: Mother, pray to your Son Jesus to you soon cease this scourge.

Near Don Bosco also prayed me with many children around. And Don Bosco said: Mamma mia, here I present these innocent souls who are without bread. Tell the Child Jesus cease this scourge of war, soon cease, at least for the sake of these innocent creatures. Our Lady Help of Christians, whom you hope to achieve the longed for grace.

Don Bosco wept and prayed before the Madonna, and the Virgin said, I can not seem to calm my beloved Son, indignant against mankind.

Near Don Bosco knew a Salesian priest, D. Angelini. How good is our Heavenly Mother!

December 1941

Last night, while I was praying, I was kidnapped. It seems to me (go) to see the Sacred Heart, who said to me: The sheet that I gave you, it means the sheet bundle where I was I just had to lay me in the grave, it means that the sheet will wrap up at all mere mortals, commemorates the death that you always have to keep in mind.

My daughter, Paola is without prudence not to give pieces of that cloth

anyone: it is imprudent.

Neither Aurelio, nor nuns: to none.

Daughter, do not recarti wishes to make no priest. I love you more withdrawn, more hidden.

My Jesus, how good you are!

December 1941

Jesus is so good! I prayed for the cessation of war and say good Jesus, calm Cotesta scourge! Remember that for the human race have shed your Precious Blood! And now we want to leave in this way? is that, soon, we can all embrace as true brothers! Let me this grace!

Daughter, she told me, my Father, to appease his justice, he wants the victim souls, they offer themselves willingly to suffer so much pain and discomfort for so suffering, can calm my Father angry.

And you, My daughter, are you ready to offer you a victim?

Yes, my Jesus, I said, I am ready (to) suffer all the pains that you want, provided it is peace among men.

The victory of the will, but you have to suffer we suffer with the poor soldiers.

December 1941

Last night I dreamed Jesus sat near me and said, My daughter, I want to offer a victim for the victory of Italy?

Yes, I replied. Maybe if you want (if you want), my life take it as well, provided that the victory.

No. Life no.

But I am sending you a pain in the heart that will remind you of my pain that I suffer for the indifference of so many souls that I receive out of habit and without resolve to mend.

My Jesus, how good you are, how much you love us! I love you so much.

January 1942

After the Holy Communion Jesus said to me, My daughter, I want more perfect. Raised some stumbling blocks that will disturb the path of perfection. Pietrucce that are walking, you can also drop: they are, my daughter, weaknesses, thinking too much about things of the world, the future.

And then I want you, you and Pauline, more death to yourself.

January 1942

After the Holy Communion Jesus said to me, My daughter, that dentist who died a few months ago, he would not recognize me as their Father, and I did not recognize him as his son.

December 1941

After the Holy Communion was praying in the chapel dedicated to St. Anna. After half an hour I saw a beast bad approach. She took her purse, took me 100 pounds that I had put in to do some shopping, took me in his hands and he made her, in a little ash, because (so) as soon as I woke up, I found the purse above the 100 lire reduced to ashes. I cried a little, but after you give (i) all the good Jesus

January 1942

I seem to have seen, while I was praying. a nun. I looked good and I knew to be (it was) St. Therese of the Child Jesus

All smiles told us: You, especially RNA, deals (worry) too much of the future. Trust in God!

Jesus to me I rise to perfection because all I gave, in his divine hands, like a child in its mother's arms.

Then he took the leaves (petals) of roses and sprinkled it on my bed and my sister, velvety leaves pink and white.

Messe leaves, shoot.

January 1942

Me, my sister, and a friend of ours, we were making a holy hour. All of a sudden I was kidnapped. I saw an angel in white, and we looked at all three, and then said: Pray well!

He wore a white paper in his hand, where he wrote the nostroi names. Then, smiling, he said: These names should I bring to Jesus

Uttering these words, shots, all ablaze.

January 1942

While I was sleeping (yes) showed a young girl about thirteen, he took my hand and led me. said Pauline wants to do as gardener, but I would say to let the gardener planting flowers blue, which at the time known plant and remove the flower quality.

Planting you, especially P.na, scatter seed on the ground even where there is a danger of trampling (which trample) the seed passersby.

I mean: In the spirit of things to be cautious, because, according to those who told him, instead of making a good, do evil.

January 1942

It seems to me (go) to see a young girl of about twelve, stood next to my bed.

He was dressed in white, with blond hair, beautiful, looked like an angel. He looked at me and said I was humble in all things, and always resigned myself to the will of God, humble, stoop to the point of how children; Jesus, seeing my humility and resignation, I rise up to the rest of its Divine Heart.

ola to be more humble and more resigned, otherwise happy


With these words he disappeared.

I knew that it was Therese of the Child Jesus ..

January 1942

After the Holy Communion was kidnapped. I saw the Virgin with a basket in his hands was full of white and colored beads.

The Virgin took the rosaries and gave them to the souls who were present to pray.

From each of those rosary beads, and gave them, went down a kind of perfumed water, and distributed them all, who were thousands.

Then, turning to all those souls, he said: My sons and daughters, you with this crown smorzerete the fire (is) spread almost all over the universe. If you recite this crown with faith, this fire shall burn out soon.

This is the most powerful weapon, and the most powerful weapon of this man can not find.

With these words he disappeared all ablaze.

January 1942

As I prayed, I was kidnapped in ispirto. I (we) presented St. John Bosco, took my right hand and said:

- That person loves all the same, that is by way of great perfection in every soul sees Jesus, and all the souls to Jesus wants to carry.

January 1942

As I prayed, I was kidnapped. It seems to me (go) to see S. John. Bosco came up to me and told me:

- That person is a source where everyone goes and fills her pitcher;

those large and small who I want to say that every soul has different things to say to conf.re.

More or less, according to the needs, are the warnings and encouragements, and the soul from conf.re receives advice in the spirit.

January 1942

As I prayed before the statue of St. Teresa, I Graffo a bad hand at the wrist and told me: - I pray my enemy, and pointed to the Virgin. (F) so that you do not cease to pray that my eternal enemy, I will never leave you in peace.

I did draw blood from the wrist.

January 1942

As I prayed, I was kidnapped. I saw myself in front of Don Bosco, and all smiling, said to me:

- My Daughters, the conf.re is like the sun; certain days. heats up more, some days less heat: I want to say that God speaks in conf.re according as the Holy Spirit illuminates. It is the Holy Spirit who speaks in him.

You do not have, daughters might be saddened that the conf.re speak little or a lot, you have to be humble and obedient, without thinking about the very point giving advice. It will be a simple exhortation: that is enough to do the will of God Codest Such admonitions, he disappeared.

February 1942

As I prayed, I was kidnapped. I saw Jesus with the cross on his shoulders, dragging her with difficulty.

The poor Jesus had a bloody face, sad sad, he said, Daughter, help me, help me! Also dripping blood from his eyes.

Poor Jesus, as I have reduced our sins, I replied. And He: Anime, help me!

Anime, he said, because in the meantime (at that time) did the holy hour, myself, my sister, and a friend of ours.

Poor Jesus, as we would consular!

February 1942

After the Holy Communion was kidnapped. I was presented with Jesus and he said, Daughter, I want your heart, I want it all.

Yes, Jesus, I said, I give it to you right now: I will present, and I will do what you want. You keep it always close to yours, so that no one can steal it yourself.

Jesus, you are so good! If to me, sinner, drawn so well and with so much love, what will not be with the souls so dear to you!

Jesus, I love you! I love you, and I would die to force love you!

February 1942

As I prayed in front of St. Anne, I present to you the devil, ugly, ugly, scratched my wrist and told me: You are my enemy.

How ugly the devil! I let out blood from his wrist.

February 1942

I was prepared to go to church. I hear the bell, I looked (s) I saw at the door a beast ugly ugly - You healed and wrist?, He said. It scratched my back, then ran up the stairs.

It looked like a beast, and I call upon the Lady that I do not mistreat the most.

February 1942

I prayed so fervently, I saw near the Virgin Help of Christians who said to me: Daughter, I love you because you are simple.

Your sister is very simple, and I like to give you this bouquet of white lilies. He gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Pauline.

What a good Mama Celeste!

It takes simple, and loves the simple.

February 1942

I was sick, the morning my sister had gone to school. I was left alone with a fever, when I saw a baby, dressed in pink, with blonde hair, blue eyes.

I looked at him, and he remade the bed of my sister, I wiped good for the room, then came up to me and told me:

- Always good, more and more good! And gunfire. How good is Jesus! How good!

March 1942

After the Holy Communion Jesus said to me, My daughter, in this S. Lent is necessary that (you) offers something for my love.

You have to withstand, without whining, a splitting head-ache, you trafiggerò the head with a crown with thorns equal to that regalarono to me: so much the pain that will be an eye lacrimerà you throughout the entire Lent. And all you have to suffer for my sake.

Jesus, you are so good! How much do you love me! I want to do, in suffering, like you.

Me too, good Jesus, I love you! And I love you because you have not been ever loved!

March 1942

Jesus is good, Jesus loves me, Jesus did not abandon me, I love Jesus, I love it so much, I love it because it has never been loved: I wish I had in my hands all the hearts of men, and I would give them all to Jesus !

Of my heart I would like to make a candle to remain lit in front of the Blessed Sacrament

Jesus, Jesus, you know how I love you! If you send me to hell, I'm there, I will not do anything but sing praises to you and Heavenly Mother, and I will hear my voice shouting: Jesus I love you. Jesus I love you. Jesus I love you.

I love you, though I enemy in your sight; Punish me as you like: I will love you always.

Night and day I would sit next to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, I would like to die at your feet, O Jesus!

I wish my love but dissolved with love for you, O Jesus, I wish nothing else, only that my heart may melt in front of you, like a wax candle.

I do not want worldly goods, not honor; your love is enough for me, Jesus Give me as much love as they are worthy, I would die burned with love for you, O Jesus

If I were an angel, I'd take a trumpet, I would make the rounds of the ocean and shout to all human beings: love Jesus, love it men love him, love him the good Jesus, remember that you died on the cross to save us miserable sinners.

I dreamed of the Virgin, and I (we) stood before the chamber, and said:

- Pray for sinners. My Son is angry about the immodest fashions.

And you with Pauline, often recited this prayer that now I'll teach you, "Lady love, holy Virgin, let me anyone become holy, because you can and you want it."

The Virgin was sad with tears in his eyes. Poor Mama, has reason to cry, because so offended his dear Son, Jesus!

March 1942

As I prayed, I was kidnapped. I saw Jesus, who said to me, My daughter, that person has given you grief because you are not prepared to keep his word promise for P n.

To me, daughter, do not do this, because it is to take advantage of the goodness of the poor. And I to that person, which is unjust, I have to punish.

Jesus told me: Grace will not heal perfectly in both eyes, but (to) 1'ultimo will have a little bit of light, so that you can work a few things.

Giorgio heal in part, but not perfectly, because it must serve past weaknesses, and then - if you suffer for my love - suffer very little in Purgatory.

I, my daughter, all allow for (the) good soul.

March 1942

Last night, while I was praying, I Crucified Jesus has appeared, dripping blood from all parts of the body. The head was pierced by the cruel crown of thorns, and the thorns came to a language: his mouth pierced by the cruel thorn that prevented him from even speaking.

Jesus from the Cross looked at me, telling me: Daughter, I would like more simple in the hat. The flowers in your head do not like: only the tape. The flowering heads should not be (Y ear) well, especially for you. I want easier.

Pauline if you place them well, but for you I am not happy. Paola imposes on you to dress up in his genius, but you must obey Me Your Spouse.

Jesus was right, my hat was with the flowers, I did not like it, I placed my sister to be content, but from now on I will obey my dear Jesus.

March 1942

While I was praying I saw Jesus Crucified, all dripping with blood, and I saw so many people, men and women, who threw stones towards Jesus.

Him, crying, trying to pull (dodge) and back the stones, but could not because nailed hands and feet.

(With) the merciful gaze turned to me, saying:

At least you, dear souls to Me, riparatemi from these stones, are all pe

I am.

See. even the women, all masked, I throw stones. Riparatemi! Poor Jesus, what make you suffer evil souls! But I will put before the Crucifix so that the stones do not reach the poor Jesus, but I want to be all (him) to me. I'll let the wall, Jesus, and you will see that you will not be mistreated.

PRAYER desired by Jesus

I know, O my God, that I am entirely miserable and that each day I multiply my faults. I know that in front of your infinite holiness, I, for myself alone, I like mud in front of the sun.

But I prostrate myself before you: for the grace I am a member of the mystical body of your Son.

Your My Son gave this grace, after having redeemed with his blood, now that I belong to him, I do not reject it out of your divine presence.

When I pray, I come to the Eternal Father with an unshakable confidence in the merits of her Son, Jesus paid it all for us, bought everything, and pray continually for us.

After the Holy Communion, the Virgin appeared to me with tears in acchi. I approached him:

- And why do you weep? I told her.

I cry, I said, because I can not quench my Son, indignant towards the human race. If men do not do penance the war will not cease, and many victims have yet to shed their blood.

My daughter, immodest fashions, scandalous, and then dishonesty in every group of people, attracted the wrath of God, I can not quench my Son. Pray and do penance; often recited the Holy Rosary, a powerful weapon and unique to attract the blessings. heavenly.

As I prayed I was rapt in spirit. I found myself in a beautiful garden where I saw a great throne. Above the throne said I met the Virgin dressed in white and a blue cloak that covered her feet, rosary in his hands, around so many beautiful girls, all dressed in white, shone like the sun.

All these beautiful maidens sang the praises to the Lord, as far as there were other girls dressed in white, the same, but were less shining: also sang praises to the Lord. Among these I met Mariettina, died recently; May 1942.

I asked why so much character to a high difference between those around the Virgin and the more remote locations.

I was told: Those girls close to the Virgin are the souls in the world who have made a vow of virginity and who have suffered the most with diseases, scorn and persecution, the other you see, more distant, are good souls in the world who have suffered But much less than the first.

All the groups you see, enjoy and are dear to the Lord, but (those in the second) have less glory because less suffered.

As I prayed I was rapt in spirit. I saw the Eternal Father, Jesus the one hand, the Virgin on the other.

The Eternal Father, with an angry face, he turned to me and said to me:

The sins of mankind are so many and so serious, that I decided punishments more terroranti (sic) than those who never have been on earth. The whole of Europe will be upset, the blood will flood the earth, America and Brazil will go against Europe: many nations will disappear.

Nations who want to recognize the Creator and worship the Almighty God will be released, if on the contrary will be destroyed and brought down by the great persecutions.

The S. Father will suffer, but the great ship of Peter will be saved and will triumph everywhere.

If the world will humble themselves, praying and doing penance. I will send peace among all nations, if the world is indifferent to my calls, the timing will be worse, not only missing the bread, but major diseases destroy (nno) over and over mankind.

I said: Eternal Father, do not punish us as well: remember that your Son Jesus shed his blood for the whole world: Forgive! Mind you do not know what we do! You will see that they will all do penance and pray so much!

But the Eternal Father did not want me to listen to (e) indignant, disappeared. He was the Virgin with sad face (s) tears in his eyes. Daughter, he said, the world is evil: you do not pray as we should, they think of the immodest fashions that make disgust, churches partly deserted, theaters, cinemas are crowded. The mothers spoil their children by letting them see impure scenes, speeches ugly. And my son already said: There from scandal to one of the small, put a stone in the neck and throw it in the bottom of the

My Son can no longer bear the sins of the world. I'm holding his hand so do not throw the horrible punishments, pray you, daughter, pray and do other good souls that you know well.


Last night I dreamed St. Mary Help of Christians prayed with me to bring I saw Don

- I love him so much you give me, now that you have so many it thoughtfully replied: VE him: I want you Soltan (a) Cooperator in Turin; And how is your brother (s) always good, ras, not abandon you ever; frire any tribulation. for the conversion of poor I woke up. I thought miracle! We wrote our own farm, they package delivery Thanks be to the good our dear patron St. John Boscoi!

Last night I dreamed of San Giovanni Bosco. I was in the church of Mary Help of Christians prayed so fervently in front of the Sant.mo. Suddenly I saw Don Bosco approach, all smiling and cheerful. He told me:

- I will love you so much, I made you earn Lire 4000: what you give me, now that you have so much money?

I thoughtfully replied, I give you what you want.

And he said, I want you only 10 pounds (to) pass you and Pauline (a) Cooperator in Turin, not even a penny more than you want. Then he said: And what would you give to your brother? And I: 500 pounds. Yeah, okay, he said.

Yes (i) always good, resigned and devoted to Mary Help of Christians who will never leave you, even Pauline must always be ready to suffer any tribulation. All your sufferings offer them to Jesus for the conversion of poor sinners.

I woke up. Believed to be (it was) any dream, but: miracle! We wrote a cousin, who says that in the cutting of wood for our farm, delivered to him the sum of 4000 pounds.

Thanks be to the good Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and of our dear patron St. John Bosco.

I dreamed of the S. Virgin. He approached, saying:

- Today, September 8, the feast of my birth, my daughter, trust me: all the graces pass in my hands.

The whole day is the most hated by the infernal enemy, because with my birth was to be the salvation of mankind.

Day without night is the day of my birth! But the world is little or no understand these mysteries. You, along with Paola, pray today very much and pray for all those who do not know me, or know me, but I do not love it, in fact I reproached with the most horrible blasphemies.

I dreamed of Don Bosco. I came forward with a log in his hands. In such records were written many pages.

I read and saw the good works that he wrote my sister, that is, souls that had attracted the Sacraments, and other good works.

Then I saw a page where there was nothing written: left blank. Don Bosco with his finger he pointed that page, and I said, these days you and Paola have left to do such and such good work. So Jesus, in these days, has not written anything good, nor bad.

But it remains without written; thing that Jesus does not like it, leave to do good for weakness.

October 1942

As I prayed I was rapt in spirit. I (we) presented the Mary Help of Christians and Don Bosco.

The Virgin wept and said: My daughter, pray, pray! I can not hold back the arm of my Son, is angry about the many sins that every day you make against my Immaculate Heart blaspheme me and insult my Immaculate Conception in words more nefarious. The Heart of my Son is outraged by smaller.

The Virgin was crying because Jesus wants us to punish others with the most terrible punishments of those who now see.

Don Bosco came to me and said:

- Daughter, love my Sisters who are so good, and you, with your sister, do not worry about tomorrow, for the future we think that Providence, and when you forward something, always give it to the needy.

Do you love the poor, be humble with everyone, and always do good, even to those people whom you think of having offended.

Pray for the war (to end). The Virgin is crying because Rome, the Holy City, has become pagan Rome, with the immodesty and outrageous fashions.

October 1942

I dreamed of St. Therese of the Child Jesus was in my room, walked over to my sister and told her all smiles: with the small acts I sanctified you, and soon arrived at a high perfection. You, too, Pauline, (c) what did I do I could do so easily, you mortificherai in all, taking everything out of the hands of God, with humility forgiving even small dispregi: in short, smiling with everyone.

I'll give you a flower, a beautiful white rose, with long stems, green. He placed it in the hands of my sister and gunfire; smiled at me, but did not give anything.

January 5, 1943

As I prayed I was rapt in spirit. I (we) showed Jesus all things shiny. As I approached. said to me:

- My daughter, pray with your sister, recite many rosaries, in reciting the Hail Mary, (do) with true faith and devotion. I, after their death 1 ", in their own languages ​​will fetch a pretty lily.

The world, he said, is falling into ruin, I have sent a punishment. Worldwide outrageous fashions and dishonesty have attracted this punishment.

My arm, if you do not repent, they will punish mankind with new and terrible punishments.

Pray ye to the daughter, and repaired for those who not only do not pray, but they put me on the Cross tremendously more than what they put me on the day of (m) ia passion and death.

So saying, Jesus withdrew, leaving me sad.

I thought, Poor Jesus as you are sad, afflicted as! Our sins have made you suffer death on the cross, and now, perhaps, be my sins (that) you have laid to make you cry with pain most of the day that they put you on the Cross.

Dishonesty, immodest fashions, outrageous talk, everything, everything you ails you.

Tell me, good Jesus, what do you want me to do? What penance want me to do to repair my enormous sins and those of my brothers that I love so much?

Forgive them! Mind you, Jesus, who do not know what they are doing wrong, they do not understand the evil that comes to their souls. As well do not understand the pain that such enormous sins come to You, God their Creator. And a thousand times Savior and Redeemer of their souls.

January 6, 1943

After the Holy Communion I was rapt in spirit: Jesus told me: - Daughter, give me your heart, dammelol

And I:

- Jesus, Take it, it's all yours. You handed it from the first years of my childhood.

While I was praying, Jesus told me: The war will end, and you will have the victory if Italy will be converted, if he leaves the dishonesty, if they leave the immodest fashions and outrageous, ruin of their souls and so many other innocent souls.

The cinema is always full, big downfall of children. My churches are deserted.

What do you want, My children? I have compassion of a nation's Christian name?

Pray and you repaired for those blind who do not see and walk along the street of the precipice, that at any moment they are ready to fall into them and drown.

February 16, 1943

As I prayed I fell asleep. It seems to me (go) to see a Carmelite nun who came up to my bed and Pauline.

Smiling, he said, little sisters, I give you the roses, but do not have blossomed, but will bloom in Heaven. Coteste roses were so beautiful because I prize the gift of patience that the little Pauline will have to bear from that taught NN, who has to suffer with patience sgarbatezze etc.. etc ...

(A) that other person let them smile, and offer everything to the good Jesus, despise and appreciate.

It was St. Therese of the Child Jesus, how beautiful! What a beautiful nun! How much He loves us!

February 1943

As I walked in the street, I met a nice guy. I (we) approached me and said: Pray pray much Jesus

It is so offended is fed up with the sins of men: the outrageous fashions, not to mention the good. Dishonesty is so much that his Divine Heart is very bitter.

How much dishonesty in ... Pray with Pauline and repaired to coteste horrendous offenses.

With these words, gunshots, but did not recognize him.

I was impressed, who immediately told everything to my sister.

February 1943

The other night I dreamed of St. Therese of the Child Jesus I stood before the bed, and took many leaves of roses and put them above my bed and my sister's.

Beautiful leaves (petals) of fresh roses with a lovely fragrance. After it took the roses, he said:

- Pray pray! Jesus is very angry about the sins of men-

ni, instead of repairing the outrage with (i) the most horrendous sins, dishonesty, inpudicizia where they are now engulfed men, are the most heinous sins by God

For these sins God has always punished the man. Even in the Old Testament destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

Many get married without thinking of the great duty which God requires of them. Give birth to so many flowers, and these flowers are of God, and they shall keep and cultivate; instead, gardeners infidels, these flowers wilt leave them without giving them the life-giving and refreshing water of God's word: mothers infidels who ruin their plants , entrusted by God. Seeing them, some holes, not dry, but dry, for charity, other gardeners enter their (sic) garden abandoned and neglected, and water the plants have withered.

Sisters, grievous sin a mother who does not educate his son Christian!

Sister, said to Pauline, pray for you coteste mothers infidels. With these words he disappeared.

My sister woke up in the morning. Wonder! He saw on his bed five beautiful leaves of fragrant roses, and three leaves in mine. Miracle! The scent seemed a paradise.

April 1943

Holy Thursday, after the S. Communion, I heard myself say: my daughter, hide me in your heart! The world persecutes me, I throw stones: I want to hide!

Poor Jesus, you're out of breath!

I know: the blasphemers persecute you, persecute you the dishonest, the wicked persecute you.

Come, Jesus, come that will hide you in my poor heart!

April 1943

After the s. Communion me feel (s) say:

- My daughter, my love is not known, it is not loved. For you I spread out all my blood, until he died on the cross, yet as they are poorly paid!

At least you, My daughter, give me some relief, some consolation: love me and let me love from my creatures!

Poor Jesus, how little six loved in return!

Do not cry: I love thee for all those who do not love you and you do not want to recognize their God and Creator.

April 1943

Today, Easter Sunday, after the S. Communion I found myself in a great plain, where there was so much water dirty, full of garbage. A multitude of people, men and women, went on to the dirty water, where they threw inside and dived as unclean beasts.

There had fun together, you rialzavano hill dirty clothes that were pity

In the midst of that dirty water passing another narrow street, but clean, maybe (although) close ...

In the latter crossed another very few people, and an angel with a sword in his hand, was guarding.

In the middle of the narrow road, I approached and said: Why the flood of people plunge into the midst of quell'immondezza?

And He: This is a figure in the world today, that plunge into the midst of the. pleasures ugly, filthy and dishonest, such as pigs unclean.

The narrow way is the way of S. Paradise, where few people want to go there, because close.

The world seeking the pleasures impure and bad; these if you do not clean the sacrament of confession, will be punished by God for eternity, because before the divine tribunal can not save anyone without first is clean from the pollutions with a confession and contrition never immerse themselves in those marshes dirty.

The angel told me so with great severity, that I trembled with fear. I thought, too, if you first introduce me to judge Jesus, I confess with true contrition for my sins, I will also be sent to suffer forever.

May 1943

Last night I dreamed the S. Heart. It seemed to me that the S. Heart was in the middle of my room, in the act of prayer.

I approached him and said: Dear Jesus, why are you so sad? My daughter, she said, I am sad because I see that most of the men in their families have placed the devil to master, driving out to Me, their Creator and God

We will see that the devil will work, ruining the youth, suggesting immodest fashions, with the scandalous talk, worst of life with the life of ugly animals.

Here, my daughter, the bane of today's families: Not letting Me reign, reigns the devil, which all leads to their ruin of the soul.

May 1943

After the Holy Communion I thought I saw an angel that brought so many beautiful lilies and roses.

Said Angel approached me and said, 'If you, every day, pray the Holy Rosary with faith and attention, I will form them by Ave Marie Rose, and Pater Noster it will form the lilies, and all of them will join together to make a that'll give you a beautiful crown in Heaven.

So into the plat month of May often recited the Holy Rosary.

May 1943

After the Holy Communion I found myself in a meadow. In the middle of the lawn, on a throne I saw the Mary Help of Christians, covered with a large blanket. In the vast plain burned with wind and storm fearful that scary.

In the midst of all that dreadful storm of wind (e) fire burned across the vast plain, there were millions and millions of men and women.

All of a sudden showed up St. John Bosco who ran into the midst of that terrible storm. He called men and women, and come, he said, come: your salvation is under the great mantle of Mary Help of Christians.

Many people, to save himself, ran under the mantle of the Virgin. Don Bosco had put under the great mantle to us, pushed us to act quickly, with his own hands.

Thousands came under the great mantle, but thousands more remained outside, did not enter, even joke with satilico (satirical), making a mockery of those who entered under the shelter of the Virgin, put them into a joke and ridiculous.

And they in the midst of that terrible storm and fire, laughing (s) joked regardless of the danger they surrounded him.

The fire (it did) getting stronger, the terrible wind.

Don Bosco selling (sic) that many men and women did not want to save themselves under the mantle of Mary Help of Christians, climbed on a table and began to preach, exposing them to great danger surrounding them, to save themselves under the mantle of the Virgin .

Mind you, he said, that you will all perish for your guilt: come come under the protection of the Celestial Mama,

But those hard hearts, remained deaf and indifferent to the words of the saint.

And I saw them around the fire (surrounded by fire), without being able to save, climbing one towards the other, to escape from great danger, however, did not enter under the mantle.

All scary, I found myself at the altar of Don Bosco with a (deep) impression.

It seemed to me, not a vision, but as you'd wake up with all the senses, that even today, when I remember, I tremble with fear seeing so many precious souls, who wanted to burn and do not obey the voice of salvation of Don Bosco.

We all, under her husband's day, we were quite sure.

May 1933

(NB: probably "1933" is a typo, as it is inserted in the year "1943").

St. Joseph's how good it is! Whoever does not believe you try. I chose it for me, my father, always in need, I turn to Him, and never leaves me without comfort me: what is spiritual, as something corporeal. S. Joseph is a great saint! Love it, my brothers and sisters, love Him and call upon Him!

June 1943

After the Holy Communion was transported in spirit. I saw myself in front of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

I knelt in front of her Immaculate Heart, begging him to finish the scourge of war, not for my merits it did, that I deserved nothing, miserable and unworthy of his daughter, but he did for love of the Immaculate Mother and of so many innocent children.

Daughter, Jesus told me, do not beg, I decided to severely punish mankind, especially those who have been regenerated by holy baptism, and now you are, most, turned against Me, their Creator and Savior with My most horrible blasphemies insult the Divine Name.

Daughter, I can not get down (down) on my arm, I decided to punish you severely. The horrendous blasphemies, outrageous fashions, the number has no dishonesty (nno) My heart grieved to the point of severely punish you. The horrendous blasphemies, outrageous fashions, the number has no dishonesty (nno) My heart grieved to the point of severely punish 1 'I.

Jesus, you tell me not to pray, and I pray so much, and I will pray to other souls. We shall shout so loud that you, feeling so scream, you will be forced to make us the grace, not by our own merit, but to our cries can be away from you.

Bada. Jesus, if we do not listen to bad for you, because you will become dazed by our prayers made with a loud voice.

From good, Jesus graciously hear us and we will do all good!

And you do not remember that we are all your children, redeemed with thy precious Blood?

Jesus smiled at me and said: I love my mom so much, and her sadness and her Immaculate Heart are forced to yield.

July 2, 1943

Yesterday, the feast of the Sacred Heart, I prayed so much, and I said to Jesus that if my heart it could turn out like a candle, I would have turned on and placed in front of the S.mo Sacramento. and I would have left on day and night until the end of the world.

July 1943

It seemed to me to be in the Church, in front of the Sacred Heart. I sat close, their knees before His Sacred Heart, and He, sadly, he said:

My daughter, I see how my Heart is pierced by many swords? They are my children baptized and benefited from Me I pierce the Heart! Come to my house to insult me ​​with the immodest fashions, glues blasphemies against my Divine Heart. And My mother is outraged hill most horrendous blasphemies. And these come from people received donations from me! My daughter, please you and service for so many of your brothers ungrateful. .

Dear Jesus, I love you so much, and I would die to force diamati!

July 1943

After the Holy Communion Jesus said to me, My daughter, fixes for so many of your brothers who, instead of worshiping me, insult me ​​by telling me that I do not love them because they do not cease Cotesta the scourge of war.

Fi (him) to me, is a punishment of My mercy.

Poor Jesus, you are so offended! How would you fix! Chastises me, and save all my brothers!

July 1943

After the Holy Communion Jesus said to me, My daughter, a farmer, after working for months and months, if little attention, the fall and not light a match, and burned all the sown First, it is a ruin, so this is for that priest, after having worked so hard to elevate the soul (yours) to a high degree of perfection, then with a word, that by telling you that smoking is not a sin, which is not written in my Commandments that we should not smoke. Cotesta is a word that ruins so much soul.

The smoke, the immodest fashions, the paint their face, hands and feet are big barriers to get to the Holy Heaven.

July 1943

Yesterday, 10 July, after the SS.ma Communion, Jesus told me: My daughter, my saints in the Commandments, especially in the sixth, I told you not to fornicate, not explained, however, that the priest is a priest for ever, and can not stand the dress I ", for any reason, would make a great sin, and they should be hell if they did not do penance before he died. Yet I have not put in the Commandments.

My daughter, a true Christian, by itself, can understand without explaining everything minutely.

My heart is pierced, it is greatly pierced by Christians. My daughter, I have a heart to be able to vent all my penis, at least you console me.

Poor Jesus, you are so offended! Even your friends offend you, but I see Jesus, I will console for all those who do not love you.

July 1943

After the Holy Communion seemed to be in front of the picture of St. Anna.

Suddenly the picture came to life and, turning his eyes towards me, he said: My dear Daughter, I am praying for the peace of the world, for whom (which) many nations are upset with hatred and resentment, but Jesus is angry: His Mother and I can not appease the anger.

The sins of impurity are so many, the earth is flooded, the heads are not according to the Heart of God, Jesus can no longer offended.

You, My daughter, pray and do pray that the good Lord will soon be able to get off, to all nations devastated, his blessings of brotherhood and love, riabbracciandosi all as brothers, sons of the same Father.

August 1943

After the Holy Communion was kidnapped: I asked Jesus to Italy soon to our dasse peace and tranquility.

Jesus answered: My daughter, Mia offenses against the Deity are immense. Offense. when you receive a beloved son and benefited from his father, it is more horrible that when you received from a distant person, you, Italy, from Me you always been a favorite, loved and beneficata, and I was rewarded with ingratitude and outrages . So I'm not offended, and I can not calm Cotesta scourge of war without that before, my kids do not bow down to Me, and do not ask forgiveness.

You, My daughter, do not be distressed with Pauline, were in front of me like two girls, who all think the father, not you being able to adjust your life will take care of all your beloved father, who I have.

Confide in Me, that I never abandon me amamano My children and I obey.

You and Paola I have chosen not to walk in a common way, no, but in a higher way, extraordinary, that is, the way of holiness. A Paola gave them a sign in the sky, it always remember.

For the money not think about it, everything is in my hands.

Is not the head, neither the king, nor any other: the Chief who leads the world are you, I know that everything you have for the good of your souls.

Continue to pray.

August 1943

After the Holy Communion Jesus said to me, My daughter, prays that the world is evil, and has made a knot with the devil, and I can not bear these sins impurity.

My Mother is holding your hand so I do not waste time and my righteousness over the world guilty.

August 1943

Today, after the S. Communion Jesus said to me, my daughter, the men of Italy, the most part, have taken the plunge, make the (mud) as ugly animals. The chronicles (sic) filthy filthy n'escono that makes me shudder, and I am moved to alleviate this scourge. Therefore, women and men of corrupt, starting from the small shepherd boy to the great principles, is a lake of corruption, and I was angry, I left Italy at the mercy of self-

Only the Pope and a few other souls make me pity, because beautiful souls, worthy of my love. If some grace I will grant you, it is for the sake of my holy Vicar, the Pope

My daughter, immodest fashions with a filthy talk, small and large no longer meet my ministers.

Behold, My child, this scourge from what ensues: punishment for sin.

Me, My daughter, I am pleased over the souls pure and simple, you do not know how simple the dear Gemma Galgani!


September 1943

I dreamed of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, beautiful, smiling, and I seemed to see it next to my bed and my sister.

We looked cheerful, and said: The name of Pauline is written in heaven, and yours too. However, if you do not pay, your name will be scancellato, I mean, if you do not pay good works hill, with charity, and coll'umiltà through obedience, good things dear to Jesus love everyone as brothers and sisters, to forgive those who hurts.

I have always loved Jesus, loved to die of love for Him, my sisters han always loved as a child, and enjoyed when they saw that I loved Jesus very much: no jealousies, indeed rejoiced at seeing me so inflamed with the love of God

Pauline mine, I love you so much, you respond to the graces that the Lord says, more and more good, humble with everyone.

He greeted us with a bow and shoot d'Angelo.

September 1943

I dreamed St. Therese. In his hand he carried a bouquet of roses bian


He took a lot of roses and petals (and them) scattered over the bed to my sister in each petal (c ') was written in red: Ave Maria.

The petals have been fifty.

He left the petals on the bed a few minutes, then picked them up one by one and if I take them away: my sister greeted with an angelic smile, and said, If thou, Paola, every day many will say Hail Mary with devotion to the Blessed Virgin and perseverance, after your death, on the tomb a flower that will blossom in each petal will be written Ave Maria.

I dreamed Gemma Galgani, was as beautiful as an angel. I (we) approached me and said he loves the suffering and scorn. Did when I was in the world, I had so many despise that no soul alive can imagine, and I was no happy, and I offered all my sufferings for the salvation of sinners,

September 7, 1943

After Sant.ma Communion Jesus said to me, My daughter, pray with Paola to appease my father, angry with mankind, My Mother fails to appease him.

The chastisement for Italy is the dishonesty that runs and has spread from one point to another of Italy, horrendous blasphemies against the Immaculate Heart of My Mother, all this has attracted the anger of my Father send this scourge, and indeed had decided to send a rain of fire, but my Mama Immaculate objected, asking forgiveness for all of you.

The world, my daughter, is corrupt and become a heap of filth. Pray you, and do pray that my Father can calm down.

September 1943

I dreamed a teacher, dead (from) a month or so, as a result of a bombing.

I saw all resplendent, but his arms were a little burned, the remainder of the person was healthy and beautiful.

He went where he was with me, my sister. The above said deceased told us, you see how they still there? ... I have to pay for another one Mass, and I will be freed of all; fatemela celebrate by Monsignor Vitali. These coteste words, disappeared.

It had been just two days since the day I saw that the deceased teacher. Again in the dream, I (we) all showed up as a shining sun, beautiful with a beauty of Paradise.

It avicinò to my sister and said, Paola, how I love you! I have, with thy prayers, and S. Communions, freed from Purgatory, and now I'm going to enjoy. I will pray for you so much.

These coteste words, shoot.

October 1943

After the s. Communion I thought I saw St. Therese of the Child Jesus I begged her to avert the Lord to calm down soon the scourge of war.

The saint replied:

- What do you want! The world has made a knot with the devil, that is with grave sins, which is something flooded, kind of impurity.

And Cotesta node nobody has dissolved, not even the pain and misfortune of the war moved no human heart to change my life.

So Jesus does not want to hear any petition indignant because the sins are huge, and the large number of sinners.

Pray pray, that Jesus to be moved.

After the Holy Communion Santa Teresa prayed and said, Tell me what you want Jesus to be my sister Paola: what to do in these days of your party?

The Saint replied: Tell your sister that I want to present three flowers to the Virgin Mary on the Feast of the Holy Rosary.

Three flowers, that is, one is humility, the second is charity, the last is obedience: and introduced me to a beautiful rose, large, with beautiful leaves, looked like a plant: this, he said, is charity.

Then he showed me another plant, and it was a beautiful plant with violets: this, he said, is humility. Then a plant with white flowers, beautiful: these are obedience.

The day on October 3, after the S. Communion, I saw Santa Teresa with three large plants, beautiful plants of Paradise seemed.

One was of roses, the other violets, the third white flowers, Behold, he said to me, the white flowers that brought me Paolina, and laid it at the feet of the Virgin. All three of the large and beautiful plants were intertwined with a crown of fifteen items: Ave Maria blossomed into a beautiful rose, in the grains of the Pater Our sticking a beautiful lily, and ultimately, low, a written reminder.

I thought that the rose, my sister just the day before had been a great charity with troublesome people, the humility he had practiced the days ahead with the heart of a seraph; obedience to her confessor, in order to please the great saint Teresa.

October 1943

I (we) has presented a person; touched my wrist that I was burned out. Not met him; was dressed as an officer.

- They died in the war, he told me, I would like the S. Masses: I will do them celebrate by Mons ... Vitali. You and Paola will do me the holy communions.

And after the Communion and celebrate Masses made me (you) showed up again, all shining, and said:

- I'm going to Heaven where I will pray for you, especially for Monsigr. Vitali. I'm Russian, and my name is Paul Vischin.

My mother had brought up in the holy religion, then, growing up, I let myself be dragged into Russian life, not good. In death I regret to point (i), and I remembered the nice words, (by) a child, I told my mom.

Jesus has forgiven me good.

October 1943

I dreamed St. Therese with two bouquets of violets, one large and the other small, tied with green ribbon.

The large deck and gave it to my sister, the youngest gave it to me. In consegnarcelo, he said: Take these decks and store them until the last day of your life. I recommend you to recite every day the S. Rosary chain unites you to God, and when Desid aunts, invoked the Holy Through prayer of the Holy Virgin Rosary. N (, ~. Day pass without first having prayed the rosary. Spoken these words, he disappeared.

October 1943

After the Holy Communion Jesus said to her, Daughter, you and Paola are roses in my garden, where v'innaffio with my love.

October 1943

After the Holy Communion Jesus told me: Be humble, humility is the foundation of holiness.

I repeat that you and Paola are the roses in my garden.

I prayed for this scourge of war, to put an end to so much pain: Daughter, I said, I'm purifying the souls because they are faulty as field beans you bought days ago, and these are full of FARFALLETTE, and to clean them you need to pass the fire .

And so are the souls of today: full of filth. And to clean them you need to pass in the fire of purification, with great pains and penalties.

November 1943

After the Holy Communion I thought I saw the Virgin, dressed in white. I approached him and said:

- Heavenly Mother, you are beautiful! Tell me: are you happy with me and my sister?

Daughter, I said, I'd be happier if you two were more resigned in opposition to all that Jesus allows you to suffer, more humility, more charity, doing good to those who offer the bad.

That's what I want from you two!

December 1943

I appeared St. Francis with a track in his hands, and said, This track is for Paola.

And I wish that you were more humble, more resigned, and more obedient to confe.re.

You suffer all the pains for Jesus: humiliation, contempt and indifference, either by any person will be presented.

I despise in the world have suffered beatings and also, think that life is short: everything passes and passes quickly.

My daughters, only Heaven is eternal! With these words he disappeared.

December 1943

Last night I dreamed of being in the Church. As I prayed in front of the Sant.mo, presented the Sacred Heart, dressed in a red cloak, went up to the pulpit and began to preach.

He began his sermon with sternly, reproached the great sinners dishonest. him, saying, I always punished with the punishment severe floods cities and places where dishonesty, sin hateful to my Heart.

For this sin I destroyed Pompeii, I destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and now I have punished you with Cotesta scourge, and if you do not change habits, I will send you castiti (sic) worse.

My Mum is supporting the arm to not punish you more severely. My words are not heard, but I will say again, if you do not change costumes that the war will not cease after having been purified by pain.

After the sermon. Jesus disappeared, leaving a big pain in the heart, seeing that the men remained cold and indifferent.

Poor Jesus, you're not listening!

December 1944

After the Holy Communion Jesus said to me, My daughter, do not take it anymore. The world is bad, very few are those who love me, very few are those who respect the festive day dedicated to me, and indeed these days are not used for worship, but rather to abuse me, sanctify Sunday by going to kinemes impure, leading not only themselves, but for the most outrage, lead us to ruin their innocent little ahead of time by seeing scenes immodest.

And I of these parents are angry, and I thought to punish them ...

December 1943

After the Holy Communion Jesus said to me, My daughter, do you love me? Yes, I said I love you so much, and, if possible, of my heart I'd do a candle and, for your love, I would keep always on.

Fiaglia my, how I love you! Are you gonna tell everybody that I love so much men! And I love them even to madness by dying on the Cross for them.

However, when I see such love paid with ingratitude, my heart is sad and cries.

Poor Jesus how little you are known!

January 1944

I dreamed of being in a church, where I saw Jesus preaching in the pulpit. I remember this (these) words:

- The world has become a lake of corruption, decay, I have called them to do penance, but I correspond with insults and blasphemies; few are those who hear my voice. The war will not end if before men do not bow their heads to do penance.

Dishonesty has flooded the whole world and this scourge is a punishment for those ugly sins.

Remember, follow (ta) is Jesus, who for these sins I had to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, and destroy Pompeii.

Remember that impure sins attract my wrath.

Repent, do penance if you want the (in) the world to restore peace and peace full.

December 1944

Thursday night I dreamed in the church of the Vatican, where there was so many people: women, men, and many foreigners of many nationalities.

Here overlooking the Holy Father. He began to speak, and we all listening to:

- My sons, he said, in these sad times we live in, we must do penance, you have to appease the wrath of God the Father, seriously angry for so many enormous sins that man commits every day.

On account of our sins occurred Cotesta terrible war, hatred and resentment between nations, hate and revenge between brothers and sisters.

Allow me, my children, to offend God, and plachiamolo with doing penance must love and forgive.

I love you, my children, I love you all without distinction as to nationality, I will help you and I will send, to bring peace, not an army of soldiers, but an army to Saints Missionaries, waves spread in all the nations of the word love and brotherhood.

Love one another and remember that we are all children of the same Father! As soon as the Holy Father principle to talk, so many men and women also threw stones at the Pope, causing him to come out even blood. On seeing him bloodied, several would laugh. There was so stoned that the Holy Father could not continue and had to withdraw from the balcony. The angel came down to the square of St. Peter, approached the people saying: The world is falling into disrepair, do not want to hear the word of the Vicar of God Woe to the nations that do not meet the Vicar of God on earth: those nations will be punished by God.

He came up to me and my sister, and said: Pray at least you Cotesta reciting prayers, at least until Christmas.

- Who are you? I said.

- I am the Angel of Rome. - And where do you live?

- I live in the Vatican.

- But, I said, Such prayer that you want me to learn (teach), I do not remember, then, all from memory.

He caught a piece of paper, gave me a pen: Write yourself to remember it.

I wrote:

My good and dear Jesus, the world is still like yesterday. From the men have to expect hatred and still crucifixions. And you see them!

But you do not know hate, gives the same to these Thy sons, who were enemies, that eternal peace tenth fifth year of Tiberius Caesar's reign on earth.

Remember, Jesus, who for them all thou hast shed Thy Precious Blood in the altar of the Cross.

Epiphany - January 6, 1945

Last night I dreamed of the Holy Child Jesus. From a cradle where he was in the bedroom, straightened, and came from the bed of Paola, where the stroked her, saying:

- I love you so much because you are humble and simple, and I welcome the simple and humble souls.

Tonight I will present a witch more valuable than ever, the world has to offer, do not I give you gold or silver. I'm doing you a gift more valuable: I give you my love! Love me and let me love.

Pray for your many brothers that instead of loving me and adore me as their Creator, they offend me, outraging my holy hill name the most horrendous blasphemies.

With these words came to me, telling me and recommending me to pray for the sinners.

He went out from me, and went to rest on a chair, where he was a blouse of Paola.

Svegliatami, told the dream to my sister.

He made me turn on the light: Wonder! We found the baby really laid over the chair I saw in the dream.

Thanks be to the good that Jesus loves us so much!

January 1945

How good is the Baby Jesus! Good to me and my little sister. Here I am to talk about one: Me and my sister had a great sorrow, we were resigned to, but the disappointment was felt in our poor hearts.

As we returned from church one evening, we saw the baby in the crib that we have, over the bed of my little sister. Wonder! Alone had moved from the place where we keep it out of devotion.

How good is Jesus! To comfort us wanted to make a beautiful improvised. And then, wonder! It seemed that he had, on that evening, animated: he had red cheeks, blue eyes more beautiful than before.

Cotesta fact occurred two or three times, always when we had the great sorrows.

Jesus good, you're good! You alone can comfort us, and we've always comforted.

January 1945

The other day, after the S. Communion, I said to Jesus - My Jesus, how I love you!

-Me too, I said I love you so much, but I ask you a favor, and let me be loved by so many souls who go to church every day, hear Mass, people take Communion, but many do it out of habit and not for love.

My Heart needs of our effort, but I can not find souls who I correspond. You love me, I daughter, love me and let me love.

Jesus good, you're good! I love you, I promise you, and I will be loved by so many other souls.

October 1945

I dreamed of a big lawn, and I saw a young man (of) about eight years. Said boy knelt in front of two girls covered with earth. From the two graves stood a lily. The young man, with his hands clasped, he recited a poem sentimental saying:

Lily pure, so dear to God - if you live with lilies - from your graves shall come forth a lily.

A lily (was) already grown in those graves. In each leaf there was an inscription, engraved in letters of gold in a leaf was written like this: purity, humility in the other, it was written in the third patient.

These tombs, one was mine, the other being including my sister Pauline.

November 28, 1948

Jesus is looking for souls who offer victims to be able to save so many men.

Daughter, she told me, and I want to do something good to save many men who not only deny me, but, more, I also outrage in S.mo Sacrament of the Altar.

Pray, my daughters, pray for your brothers, and offer them to all your trials and tribulations, abandonment and contempt that will be made by those you hold so dear. All these tribulations offer them up for the salvation of sinners.

the Pauline and we answered: Yes, yes, we want to suffer all that you want, as long as you saved the souls of our brothers that you cost him bloodshed.

How good is Jesus! And how not to love Jesus? And how not to suffer to console Jesus?

December 1, 1948

I was in church, praying in front of the S.mo Sacramento. All of a sudden I was presented with Jesus on the Cross, all covered with sores, who was very sad.

Two other crosses were the sides of the cross of Jesus These crosses were made of black wood, Pauline and I were kneeling at the feet of those two crosses.

Jesus, on the cross, spoke to us and said: You and Pauline will be vic-

time of these two crosses. Pray, daughters, and suffer for love and salvation of sinners so many of your brothers.

I tried victim souls, but I can not find, at least the two of you to tell me yes, suffer, suffer to save many souls who are in the way of perdition.

We, who have responded? That we accepted everything with love for the salvation of many souls that go in the way of perdition.


I stood in front of the S.mo on Thursday evening of 2 December 1948. I was rapt in spirit.

Jesus, in glorious form approached me and told me:

- My daughter, love me and give me the love that the world denies me constantly, even Pauline love me.

Do you love the poor as well, and do them good, with never deny to any poor man begging; look poor in my person: what you do to the poor of good ye do it unto me.

If you want to thank, give to the poor anything you ask (no), even more. About beneficial for my sake, the poor man, he will get not only its great, but will get the forgiveness of their sins.

You, my daughters, you are a white card, if you do not write down on paper a few lines of charity, will remain a simple white paper.

1950 - Holy year

The Venerable Dominic Savio is our brother and we did a lot of thanks:

To you and Pauline will love you so much: love of brother. I love you, I said, because you are simple souls. Let holy, my sisters! Love Jesus, love it! Jesus loves simple souls.

These coteste warnings, this angel from my eyes gunfire, leaving me a heart full of joy.

February 28, I was in the kitchen, behold, I hear the bell, I went to open the door: Again I recognized Dominic Savio, well-dressed, pants and jacket light gray.

He smiled at me, telling me: do you a small gift, it is for you and Pauline gave us a package of roasted coffee.

Of this, he said, it will give those poor ministers of God that you know how much they suffer.

Just said these words, he disappeared, leaving me in the heart of an immense joy.

February 28, 1950

I dreamed of the Sacred Heart of Jesus From His Most Sacred Heart came out flames of fire.

Smiled and said: Take this gift, is a gift that I want to do to Pauline, because you have covered a poor prisoner who was dying of cold, and you, my love, you are covered by togliendovi off your clothes.

Daughter, be of good you do to the poor for love of me, I consider it as done to myself.

Do you love the poor, love them! Are your brothers and my beloved children. How good is Jesus! Love everyone in general: sinners and good, rich and poor, but more like the poor.

The advice given to me by my presence was gone, leaving me a heart full of joy.

How good is Jesus! I would like to keep close to Him

March 5, 1950

Day of the Beatification of the Venerable Dominic Savio.

It seemed to me, while I was praying, to see the Venerable Dominic Savio came all happy and smiling at me and my sister Paola, and we said, Let the holy, Jesus wants, let holy; always love the Virgin. Do you love Jesus too well that the Pope wants it.

With these words he disappeared.

April 1950

April 9, I went on a pilgrimage to the city of Siena, beautiful Town, especially because there was born St. Catherine St. that I loved as a child.

On Easter Sunday in Siena did the S. Communion with such fervor. After the Holy Communion I thought I saw Santa Caterina, dressed all in white. Approached me and said to me, my sisters, do yourself holy, holy yourselves, time is short! I would like Paola was less scrupulous.

She stroked, and so in Paola. And suddenly disappeared.

April 1950

The first days of April, after the S. Communion, Jesus told me:

- My daughter, pray for your brothers bad communists. Pray, My Father wants to punish men, wants to send a great punishment, it punish all men because they insult me, insult my ministers, insult the Pope sent from Me.

My daughter, you and please do pray in Paola, your sister so that My Eternal Father did not send the terrible punishments that I said to you before. And in this month of April, Have a saint in devotion so dear to Me: San Francesco di Paola. Santo said to me he loved so much. He travels in the sea not (went) boat, but his boat was the stick.

And you, my daughters, always walk with a stick of love.

At age five, I made a vow of virginity, I understood that Jesus wanted him.

After the vow became more sensible; never played if not sometimes.

In his grandmother's house there was a nice large picture with Child in her arms (the Virgin).

Qund'ero alone I sat on a chair, stretch out your arms and

I said: Mom beautiful, I love you so much, give me your child to play a little with me.

The Virgin, several times, I contented. We were playing with a doll that was my was donated by one (or) maternal uncle.

Jesus said to me: I give the doll to you, to me just a moment. How good was the Child Jesus! I remember it so well.

Jesus was, to me, always good.

My poor mother used to tell me: My daughter, you were born on May 3, Sacred day, the anniversary of St. Cross of Jesus, and Jesus has set you in the chest (wanted) give a small cross, a sign that you should you suffer a lot in the world.

So get ready to suffer with love and resignation, offering all the good Jesus

I made the confirmation to two years. I remember my aunt took me in her arms, because little one, because I remember that, when he approached the bishop, I was crying, I was crying because I saw a tall man, and on the head, a large machine gun.

I was crying because I was afraid. I remember that the Bishop patted me, and I did everything to free myself from the arms of her aunt.

As a child, as I was bad! Was always crying, and the mother had no milk to feed me: she was forced to give me mercy.

As already Grandetta, seven and nine years old, I went to school because I saw that my mom was unhealthy, suffered liver, I contented for mom, fucked, dusted, did the faccendine suitable for my age.

I remember that he had never given a disappointment to my mother. Every night I wore to church to make a visit to the S.mo Sacramento. as I reached the hands and repeated the vow of virginity:

-My Jesus, I said, fo vow of perpetual chastity, I consecrate my virginity.

This prayer Jesus had taught it to me when we were playing.

If I had died at that age, I would be in heaven, and now I'm afraid that Jesus send me to hell.

I made my First Communion at the age of eleven, very nearly. I was dressed in white, no. (I remember) that I was wearing a dress dark, cinnamon-colored, sewn (by) the maternal aunt. My mother was sick, she did not think to luxury.

The first time, I remember that Jesus told me: - Do you love me?

So much so, I replied.

I said to conf.re that Jesus had told me so, and he answered me: I also often says, if I love you.

And I: Okay! Now Jesus will love him really.

I prayed all the time, but I did not want to see me the little brothers., Nor anyone. What to do?

We had a secluded room, then I went into the courtyard where there was a retreat, they prayed prayed: O my Jesus, I love you, I said.

One day, while I was praying so fervently, I was presented with a young cleric, and I smiled and said:

- Do you know me? - No, I replied.

I am St. Aloysius Gonzaga, I have come to tell you that I love you so much: but always loves Jesus

Many times he came to teach me how I should pray.

April 8, 1951

Last night I felt very bad, and I said to myself: Tomorrow morning I will make the S. Communion.

This morning, around 4:30, I think, no more, I hear the door open, I see and I recognized St. Paul of the Cross with two clerics at the hips, one knew that it was St. Gabriel. They wore, clerics, two candles.

St. Paul did say the confiteor and gave me Holy Communion. Obey, he told me, obey Father Ignatius; voglile well: bay that is a child of my heart, so dear to Jesus you do not know how much he suffered Cotesta my son and now I want to make a pearl of my retreats. In March, Jesus, so many times I said, Father Ignatius is a pearl of my heart, I love you so much. Even Mamma Mia it does so well.

How good is Jesus!

But Jesus cries too much for sinners. I tell him:

- Do not cry like that, if they make you cry all the bad priests, instead of them, he loves you so much Father Ignatius.

I know, I said, is my beloved son, me too, I hold to my heart, but also for all other scattered My Blood.

Mind you, I said, if you keep that to cry, you get sick in his eyes, mind you, Father Ignatius does not cease to pray as long as they do not see them all converted. I told him to Father Ignatius that the sins of all those, you pierce the heart. He thinks Father Ignatius, you'll see.

Poor Jesus! I'm afraid to get sick. Poor Jesus!

Father Ignatius said to me: When you give me your Cross, to always say yes.

And I obey willingly, but also wants your Cross, wants to help you, he loves you so much. It also puts the sackcloth to do penance; You do not want, and he instead ...

This morning I said to him, Take heed that you do these penances can mo-

rire, and I will stay again without Father conf.re.

It's all for Jesus! Rebuke you tonight, I do not listen to me. He wants to save all those souls who told me these days.


My good and dear Jesus, the world is still like yesterday. From the men have to expect hatred and still crucifixions. And you see them!

But you do not know hate, gives the same to these children of yours that you are enemies, that same peace that tenth fifth year of Tiberius Caesar reigned on earth.

Remember, Jesus, who for them all thou hast shed Thy Precious Blood in the altar of the Cross.


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