Weeping statue of the Sacred Heart, Australia




Close-up of the Statue of The Sacred Heart weeping oil/blood Statue of The Immaculate Conception weeping Weeping Statues of the Immaculate Conception & Sacred Heart
Statue of The Sacred Heart oozed oil Sacred Heart Statue palm weeps oil Statue of The Sacred Heart cries oil



May 29, 2003 Suzy Vardanian from Australia writes: Dear friends, I have attached a picture of the right hand of the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue at our home. You can see how oil has started to flow from the Wound. We had the statue brought to us by Vahik a friend from Sydney on Wed 7th May 2003. Two days later, Friday the 9th of May, was our scheduled True Life in God prayer meeting day. During the day, the left foot of the statue had started to ooze oil. Everyone who came for the prayer meeting at 7:30 p.m. witnessed this miraculous event.

The next extraordinary event occurred on Tuesday the 27th of May, which was our next scheduled True Life in God prayer day (we have 2 prayer meetings every month, one during the morning, and one at night). During the morning, oil had started to flow out of the wound in the right hand of the statue. Everyone who came for the prayer meeting at 11:00 a.m. witnessed this miraculous event.

All this in addition to the already weeping statue of the Immaculate Conception [see here] of our Blessed Mother, standing next to it, that also has a wet left foot, that is, oil oozing out of Her left foot. Now we have Mum and Dad standing miraculously next to each other. Mum's statue has been weeping and oozing oil out of Her left foot for 2 years and 3 months now. What a Joyous Event For TLIG And For All Of Us! - Avo & Suzy Vardanian

September 01, 2003 - Miacle of the increasing oil

Miracle of the increasing oil. Oil for Armenia.
As if all this was still not enough, incredible what happened today: Suzy discovered that the oil in the small glass container she had placed next to the statue of Jesus with the lid closed, had filled itself up to almost a quarter. Initially, there was only one single drop of oil (like the one shown hanging from the hand of Jesus) that hardly covered the bottom of the glass container. And now it was filled to a quarter. This is not oil dripping from the statue into the container, because the statues do not drip oil; they ooze oil, and the container is closed with a lid. It is Jesus miraculously filling up the bottle.

The bottle is now filled up to three-quarters. What is Jesus doing? He is simply responding to our request to give us some oil so Suzy can take it with her to Armenia, where Vassula will be going to next month (October) to witness. This is Vassula's first trip to Armenia. Jesus is giving us Oil for Armenia. It is just incredible. I can hardly believe it.


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