Bleeding Rosa Mystica, Ecuador

Bleeding crying statues and miraculous manifestations associated with apparitions.



Statue of Our Blessed Mother that wept tears of oil.



Patricia Talbott was the third eldest child born to Fernando and Carmen Talbott. They lived in Cuenca, Ecuador. Patricia was 16 when the apparitions took place. She was in high school and active in a group which travelled to other countries modeling clothes. The first apparition occurred in Patricia’s bedroom on August 28, 1988 when she was awakened from a dream, and saw her room filled with a bright light. She saw the figure of a beautiful lady who spoke to her.The apparitions and messages continued until March 3, 1990. Several apparitions occurred in Mexico City while Patricia was on a modelling trip during the period from October 7th to October 11th 1998. After returning to her home, the apparitions and messages continued in the seer’s bedroom and in various chapels and churches. On June 15, 1989 Our Lady led Patricia to a mountain area called El Cajas, a place where Our Lady appeared thereafter. For the final six months of the apparitions, Our Lady appeared on the First Saturday of each month at El Cajas. Her final appearance was on March 3, 1990.

The Messages - Our Lady, August 28, 1988 (First Apparition) - "I am the Guardian of the Faith." Our Lady requested that Patricia make an altar in her own bedroom.

Our Lady, October 8, 1988, Mexico City - "My little one, I am happy to see you. Don't be afraid." Our Lady tenderly held Patricia's hands in Her own. Again, she spoke:  "Pray much for the peace of the world, because it is now that it needs it more than ever. My little child, I am detaining the hand of my Son. Change and convert. I love you very much. Adios, my little daughter."

Our Lady, October 11, 1988, Mexico City - "My little daughter, you do not know how much it gladdens me that you are here. Now, daughter now I will reveal to you my great secret, which corresponds to the one, revealed to the other visionaries. This secret you cannot write nor tell to anyone until I permit you….I put into your hands the great mission of the conversion and turn about of the world. I am now holding back the hand of my Son with the message that I have given you and if my children convert, the Heart of My Son will soften and the intensity can be diminished or be lost forever; if not, the great trial will come."

According to Patricia “She gave me the secret that there are bad things that are going to happen in the world, and what is asked for is conversion. I asked Our Lady if I could tell anybody about the secret and the Virgin said “No” –because it was too strong a message and it would create panic. And so, I said I cant just forget about this. And the Virgin said: “One month ahead of time I’ll tell you so you can say it”  Later Our Lady told Patricia that certain parts of the secret could be revealed. The secret contains three parts, each part has something to do with fiture events which will be chastisements for our world, the seer has reported.  Our Lady miraculously gave the Sacred Host to Patricia on the seer’s tongue.

Our Lady, November 4, 1988 - Our Lady Gave Patricia the date of the great Chastizement which is to occur on earth. She also warned of a Third World War being near, if we don’t convert. Our Lady said the earth would leave its orbit for three days and that these will be terrible days of darkness. Families should stay inside and continuously pray. Our Lady said great times of tribulation are coming. Natural catastrophes and those created by men are near. We should pray for the clergy. We should pray and convert.

 Our Lady, December 1, 1988 - Our Lady requested a public rosary be prayed on December 8, 1988 in an open coliseum.

Our Lady, December 25, 1988 - The Rosary is the most complete prayer. Do not ask yourself why you pray it. Let it be your shield against the evil one who is at work. Do not detach yourself from it.”

Our Lady, December 26, 1988 - Our Lady requested that Patricia and her prayer group visit all the Churches in that city that very same day 11. Our Lady gave Patricia a message for Bernardita, a friend and companion of Patricia.  In this message Our Lady said “Bernardita, you know a part of the sacred chastisement. This is the sign. You my beloeved daughter know already one of the ten sacred secrets. It is the dream, when in reality your spirit came out from your body and you saw all that can happen in that day. Do not talk about it until I ask you. My little soul I grant you that one month before the thing happens you can notify all My children. But this will happen only if you have complete vision from your Heavenly Father. If the contrary happens you cannot reveal anything. I love you and only if the Father permits will you, one month before, tell the little souls from the entire world” The Message explains a dream which Bernadita had in November and of which she had told Patricia. Reportedly Our Lady told Patricia that “she (Patricia) might be leaving before you Bernadita,” which both Patricia and Bernadita understood to mean that Patricia may nbot be here on earth to transmit the message. As for the Chastisements themselves, Our Lady said that “Great Catastrophes are coming upon humanity, the Third World War threatens the world, natural catastrophes created by man are coming. You must be strong with a faith that is like a rock” And again “the war is near. It will be started with false peace treaties, treaties in which we should not place our trust.  Many countries would be involved, among them China, Romania, Russia and the United States.” “Your penances and fasts are helping to prevent a Third World War. Pray for the countries from South, catastrophes come there. Pray for Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador. Repent, fast, make penance. Pray for the Soviet Union, Russia, the United States, Czechoslovakia and China. These are countries that will be involved in  the Third World War” “The Third World War is near. Natural Catastrophes, earthquakes, flooods such as humanity has never seen before, because of so much sin in the world. You know that you are surrounded by much sin. Convert in your heart. Give it to me. Have Peace!”

January 15, 1989 - Pictures and statues on Patricia’s altar began to exide oil and tears.

Our Lady, February 1, 1989 - “The Father has allowed the grace of the holy oil, and my tears have been shed for the ingratitude of my little children due to the lack of unity, lack of love, and because each nation opens its doors to evil and to its own destruction. Love one another, children and do not hurt the Father. I am the Guardian of the Faith.”

Our Lady, February, 1989 - Our Lady asked for a pilgrimage to all the houses where statues had exuded oil, telling all that special graces were to be given in those homes.

Jesus, April 2, 1989 - “Today is the day of My Mercy. You do not know that My Heart is big. I want to help you, My Little ones, ask My children. The day is universal because I am universal.”

June 15, 1989 - As Patricia and some friends were searching for the place to establish the Sanctuary , which Our Lady had asked Patricia to find, and as they drove up the mountain they saw a strange light in the sky. The light was in the shape of an arrow, pointing to a place high in the mountains. They also heard bells. Both the light and the bells were so unusual, that they thought this may be the sign so they followed the light until appeared to point downward toward a huge rock in the middloe of a large open area. –this was El Cajas, the site high in the Andes Mountains (11,000 feet above sea level) which Our Lady had selected for Her final apparitions. 

Our Lady said "My daughter, you have sought long enough and you have finally found the place. In this holy place, I will pour forth my blessings on all the pilgrims who come to me…" Our Lady asked that the area be fenced off and that "the Garden" be reserved as a holy place, a sanctuary. She said the garden would be a little piece of Heaven, and only those she invited should come into it.

Our Lady, July 16, 1989 - Our Lady requested that a procession to El Cajas take place on August 28, 1989 to commemorate the first anniversary of the apparitions.

Jesus, August 5, 1989 - On August 5th, Jesus appeared to Patricia, which was not the first time. He said: "She is My mother. Love the Father more than anything else. Love My mother because she will take you to My heart. Tell all of them that I love them. Tell them all to convert faithfully, humbly, with simple hearts…I want you to pray the Way of the Cross and the Rosary by foot."

Our Lady, August 28, 1989 - Our Lady Herself, on the occasion of the first anniversary of Her appearance to Patricia, said: “My Children you do not know the sorrow the inhabitants of this city cause Me. You have not received with simple hearts the Love of My Son and My love. My children I will be with you for a very short time, due to the ingratitude of the people of Cuenca. I leave you with great sorrow in My Heart. I will be just once a month. My people of Cuenca have received Me with great rejection. I ask you My children, those who have worked with Me, to continue that devotion with My little ones.”

Our Lady, November 8, 1989 - On Patricia’s altar in her own bedroom she kept a statue of Our Lady of Fatima. It stoo on a little wooden box. Our Lady told  Patricia “Get up and see insie the little box under the feet of the little statue. There is my Sacred Son” Partricia opened the box and found a Sacred Host inside. Our Lady told Patricia that St. Michael had placed the Host there and that the seer was not to show the Host to anyone without using great discretion.

Our Lady, February 2, 1990 - “We have begun the hard times. It will be ten very sad years. Time is short.” “Little children, know that all you do benefits the world. Your prayers, penance and fasts are helping to prevent the third world war. Everything is as I have told you, all in your hands.”

Our Lady, March 3, 1990 - “At the end of all the apparitions  of the world, I will leave a great sign in this place and in all those where I have been. Goodbye my little ones. Goodbye My children” Our Lady told Patricia that She would no longer appear to the seer but would be with her always and would console her in time of great need. Since that time Patricia has had several locutions from Our Lady.

Our Lady, February 22, 1991 - “I promise all those children who will pray the rosary with great devotion that in the 5th mystery, Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel will sign the cross on their foreheads.”

Our Lady, October 11, 1998, Mexico City- The seer was given a secret “bad things are going happen in the world, and what is asked for is conversions.”

Our Lady, (undated) - “Go to Mass and visit the Blessed Sacrament.”

Our Lady, (undated) - “Do not forget that with prayer and fasting you can deter wars and natural catastrophes.”

Our Lady, (undated) - “For there is a hell as there is a heaven, but there is only one King, God the Father, for Satan exists who contains hatred, perversion and all that does not give peace to your hearts” “Do not let Satan penetrate your hearts” “Satan wants to destroy the mission which heaven has granted you, children of light” She also requests that we pray much for priests because Satan is penetrating into the depths of Holy Church. Our Lady says that other great victories for Satan are divorce, abortions, together with modern fashions, styles, music and drugs. She warns us “Satan will entangle you, do not allow him to take my Son’s place” She stresses that Satan is especially active among the youth today. Our Lady says “Satan’s hand is in the youth, you must take Satan’s hand off and put the hand of My Son upon the hearts of the whole world.”

Our Lady, (undated) - Our Lady spoke often of the Merciful Heart of Jesus, and that we were living in a time of mercy. She said “Love the Heart of My Son and His Mercy and Love my Immaculate Heart.”

Jesus, (undated) - “I am the Merciful Jesus, I am great in heart. Ask children, I would like the day of My Mercy to be celebrated.”

Our Lady, (undated) - “Be united, love your brothers, fulfil the works of Mercy, My little ones” “Do works of mercy among lonely people, visit the elderley, the sick…Help those who are in most need, and give alms in the temple to your Father.”

Our Lady, (undated) - “Little Children, I need speedy conversion, prayer and more than anything, a faithful conversion from a humble heart. Why do you take so long to change, do not leave to tommorrow what you can do today” “All that I have told you is because God the Father has asked me to. Children the time is short, very short. Conversion must be faithful. Remove all evil sentiments because Satan penetrates in them. Remove them with the presence of God in your souls. Children give thanks to God for what you have.”

Our Lady, (undated) - “Today I am accompanied by Archangels Michael and Gabriel, you must pray to your guardian angel every day that he protect you. Intercede to St Michael the Archangel that you be not tempted by the devil, and to Archangel Gabriel for truth.”

Our Lady, (undated) - Our Lady requested that Patricia come to El Cajas for six consecutive First Saturdays to receive apparitions and messages.

Our Lady, (undated) - Our Lady outlined to Patricia the description and dimensions of the Sanctuary She wanted built at El Cajas.

Our Lady, (undated) - Our Lady gave Patricia a special mission to care for the poor.

Our Lady, (undated) - “All that I tell you is in Sacred Scripture.”

Our Lady, (undated) - “Satan will reach the summt; but I am the woman the Father announced who will crush the head of the serpent that is Satan.”