Visionaries miraculous painting of "Our Lady of the Divine Will" weeps oil




Written by Diane Lyons Frasco

April 26, 2003 - This painting only wept once. Mary appeared to me wearing a paynes gray mantle and cloak over her tan gown. She held three white doves in her hand and presented them to me. I knew that they were the Trinity, and I came very close to touching the Jesus dove, but I retreated my finger back once I came about a quarter of an inch of touching Him. It was an awesome experience, and I felt bad that I did not accept God at that time, but I guess I just wasn't ready.

I prayed for (7) seven months for the doves to come back to me, and finally they just showed up in my living room. God the Father and the Holy Spirit were in my living room, but the Jesus dove was outside in my yard in a cage. The Jesus dove was so obedient of all the things I asked Him to do, so I fell in love with the Jesus dove. He asked me if I would bring Him into my house to be with the other doves, and I did and the three of them resided in my living room, which is my body, the temple of the Holy Spirit.

You can read more of this vision of the doves by accessing my website, which is look under the 2001 messages, I believe that Our Lady of the Divine Will is there. Also, I tried four times to take a photo of the painting, but the rolls of film when developed, all the photos came out, except Our Lady. So, in desperation, I asked to borrow my mothers camera, and I had her take the photo and get the film developed, and I paid for the roll. The photo finally came out, and you can see the tears show up. Also, there is brilliant white light around the doves head, which I never painted, but it appeared in the picture.

Note from webmaster: Diane Lyons Frasco has been a visionary and locutionist for thirty years. She has been a Secular Carmelite for 14 years and the youngest in her Order. She is contemplative women, and has received many gifts one of them is the gift of bilocation. Diane receives certain assignments from Heaven and does them. She has permission from her spiritual director to release messages. Diane states that is rather shy and is not looking to be famous or anything like that, and only wishes to do the will of God.


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