Actual vision of Our Lady is painted "Mary holding the roses" then weeps tears of oil




Written by Diane Lyons Frasco


April 26, 2003 - First of all, I will explain that, I am an artist, and that I did six oil paintings of the Madonna, and out of the six, three have wept tears of oil. One of the paintings, I did for a mystic friend of mine, but unfortunately, that painting no longer exists. I brought two of my paintings to a shrine, and they both wept tears of oil. But they only wept once each. I will explain the paintings. My first painting I did was of a vision that I had of Mary, so I wanted to share what she looked like, and how she appeared to me at the time. The appearance took place in April of 1986.

Mary appeared to me wearing her usual blue and white gown, but she was holding (5), five pink roses that were so huge, that they were the size of peonies, or even larger. She handed me the 5 pink roses, and I accepted them, and then she disappeared. At that time, I was teaching C.C.D. and I taught the fifth grade students. Since, I am a Secular Carmelite, I wanted to get the children enrolled in the brown scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. There were (9) children in my class, and I did not tell the children that I was going to do this , since I did not want to receive any hassle from any of the parents.

I had to go to great lengths to do this for them, since they were never enrolled during their First Holy Communion. The priest did not know the proper way of how to enroll the children, so I had to obtain a short form of the enrollment, which, I did and I purchased all of the scapulars. The day that I was going to have them enrolled, only five children showed up for the enrollment. I was very disappointed that my entire class was not there. So, as I was walking to church, I said to the children, " You are my (5) pink roses."

I knew that my mission from Heaven was given to me from Mary to enroll them under Her protection, which I did. I knew that these particular children would have a special mission to do when they got older. I asked Mary why she only gave me five, and why the roses were pink, rather than red. I found out my answer. The rose represents a soul, and the color pink represents friendship. So, I helped protect the children. Today the children are 27 years old.

Note from webmaster: Diane Lyons Frasco has been a visionary and locutionist for thirty years. She has been a Secular Carmelite for 14 years and the youngest in her Order. She is contemplative women, and has received many gifts one of them is the gift of bilocation. Diane receives certain assignments from Heaven and does them. She has permission from her spiritual director to release messages. Diane states that is rather shy and is not looking to be famous or anything like that, and only wishes to do the will of God.


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