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An update on the Escarchas.

Escarchas (tiny flakes of gold) began appearing on the fingers of both my hands and on the pew. Also on clothing of visitors going to prayer group.




March 3, 2013 From []. Three [Sacred Relics] were in our midst as we offered our parish's Rosary for Peace for March 2013.  In addition to the normally present relic of the Blessed Mother's veil, I also brought along a 1st Class (bodily) Relic of this month's featured Saint - St. Arcangelo Tadini (d. 1912) - and since we're in the midst of our Lenten observances, I included a rare pilgrim visit of a relic of the True Cross of Jesus Christ that I also have in my ministry's custody.

Now it's always a joy and a blessing for me whenever we come together for this monthly devotion because the [Holy Rosary] is offered so fervently and beautifully by those who participate, and the presence of the Holy Spirit and our Blessed Mother is often tangibly felt during the prayer... but this evening two exceptionally wonderful things occurred, which really stood out for me as "signal graces".  

First, it was reported to me by my friend, Dre, that [Escarchas] had already begun manifesting on her clothing as she drove over from distant Mililani to our parish for the prayer meeting. If that wasn't wonderful enough, at the Mass following the Rosary a friend who came with her also experienced the manifestation of Escarchas on his shirt, while at the same time tiny flakes of gold began appearing on the fingers of both my hands (above left photo) and on the pew where we three sat together. We were understandably excited and filled with gratitude towards God for this added blessing from above.
Secondly, I also had the privilege of meeting and praying with a little girl named, "Gabriella" - she's about 6 or 7-years-old and was born with down syndrome. Gabriella and her father visited our Day Chapel and venerated the statue of the [Rosa Mystica] and the relics present on the display altar. In her innocence, Gabriella grabbed each reliquary and tenderly kissed them as her father knelt beside her with tears freely flowing from his eyes.
I later asked the father if we could pray over his daughter, to which he agreed, so a small group of us gathered around them and prayed aloud for Gabriella. I was immediately overwhelmed with a tremendous sense of Joy, Peace, and Love... which emanated from the little girl as she clutched the reliquary of the True Cross; I knew it was Jesus, himself, who was living in the heart of this innocent child and we were being blessed by Gabriella in a manner greater than any blessing that we were trying to impart on her.  I was humbled by the experience and can still feel the "LOVE", even as I write this posting. And so ended another Rosary for Peace at St. Anthony of Padua Church in Kailua.