Missionary Image of Guadalupe Virgin wept tears of blood



Our Lady of Guadalupe cries.


A Vermont group that brings a missionary image of the Guadalupe Virgin to various parts of the U.S. reported that one of its images wept "apparent tears of reddish oil on April 20th" in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The Missionary Image began its journeys in June of 1991. From the International Rosary Congress at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, throughout America and the world, the Image has visited over 1,000 parishes in every state of the U.S.A., the Caribbean Islands, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, England, Europe, Russia, China, the Philippine Islands, Japan, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.

Many tears have appeared on images of our Lady of Guadalupe. The photograph above shows The Missionary Image crying tears of blood.

Pope John Paul II said, "These are the tears of sorrow for all those who refuse the love of God, for those families who are broken or in difficulty, for the young people seduced by a consumerist civilization and so often disoriented, for the violence that still spill so much blood and for the misunderstandings and hate which dig deep trenches between individuals and peoples. They are tears of prayer and tears of hope, which melt the hardness of hearts and open them to meeting Christ the Redeemer, source of light and peace for individuals, for families, for the whole of society."

The angel of [Akita], Japan said, "She weeps because she wishes the conversion of the greatest number. She desires that souls be consecrated to Jesus and to the Father by her intercession." The Akita revelations which occurred between 1973 and 1981 were approved by the Church. Bishop Ito who approved them said, "It seems to me that Our Heavenly Father needs to purify this corrupt world before allowing mankind to enter the 21st century. The Blessed Mother appears to ask for souls who will offer up their fervent prayers, sacrifices, and sufferings to God in order to contribute to the realization of God's Kingdom of Justice and Love." This is the meaning of Total Consecration, the spirituality of Pope John Paul II whose papal motto, Totus Tuus, means "Totally Yours."

A Guardian of the Missionary Image said she received a message from Our Lady of Guadalupe which requested the Total Consecration. Our Lady said, "I have gathered you my roses and you have yet to bloom. I water you with my graces and my presence. I ask you for your hearts to know and love Jesus. Pour yourselves out and allow me to fill you with the blessings of Our Father in heaven."

Several witnesses saw the Missionary Image cry after the Baptism of three children in Huntington, New York. They believed she cried because so many of her unborn children die from abortion without Baptism. Two young teenagers witnessed the Missionary Image crying during all-night adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at a Catholic university chapel in Spokane, Washington. Only one student came for adoration that night while many others partied right outside the chapel.

A plaque of Our Lady of Guadalupe wept apparent tears of blood on her feast day in a private home in Lewis, Kansas.One of the witnesses said, "She was crying blood this morning. Several of us prayed a Rosary and she began to cry tears again and the tears washed the blood from her eyes." The homeowner said, "Hopefully, we can all be united and pray a great deal."

A full-size image of Our Lady of Guadalupe distributed by the Missionary Image apostolate wept copious tears in front of many witnesses including a priest in Wesley Chapel, Florida. As the tears fell down the image, they turned into rose petals before the very eyes of the astonished witnesses and dropped to the floor!

Prayer can wash away tears of blood and turn tears into rose petals! Let us pray!



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