Denzel Washington 'Has An Guardian Angel'

The Oscar-winning actor said he had an encounter with the celestial being when he was a youngster.



November 20, 2004 - Report in [] from [here]. "Denzel Washington believes he is guided by a guardian angel. The Hollywood actor claims he had an encounter with a celestial being as a child and is convinced he has been protected ever since. He revealed: 'When I was a young boy I saw an angel. It looked like my sister but then I saw wings. I walked over to the door and opened it so some light came in the room. Then it faded away. 'I later asked my mother about it and she said, 'It's probably your guardian angel.' Ever since I've felt protected.' The Oscar-winning star's interest in the spirit world even extends to his recent purchase of a luxury 175,000GBP car -- a Rolls Royce Phantom. The actor splashed out on the classic for his 50th birthday."