Icon of Christ the Savior streams myrrh, Russia




See [here] photo of the myrrh weeping Christ Icon.



August 28, 2012 - Reported [here]. Rough translation from Russian. Assumption Church in zamirotochila icon of Christ the Savior Cathedral. The miracle took place in front of the congregation.

August 28 was a great Orthodox holiday - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, which marks the end of fasting. On this occasion, in Pechersky Monastery evening apple nowhere to fall. There was a festive liturgy. Suddenly parishioners noticed the image of Christ the Saviour began to stream myrrh. The icon suddenly poured three streams of oil. Celebrates the miracle parishioner Raisa Pavlovna Davydov. All at once approached her, began to venerate the cross. And the priest anointed with myrrh all right with the image. Those who witnessed mirotocheniya icons, after the service began to wonder what was the cause of such a divine phenomenon. It's a sign from above. Assure parishioners. Too much has happened in recent times in the country's anti-church, too many blasphemous speeches was delivered. There is a rebellion against God. God forgive those huliganok Pussy Riot, in the temple in Moscow, dancing, and those who bowed to cut away the crosses. Still, he wants to warn us, to protect it from sinful acts.

In the Caves Monastery is not the first time that unexplained phenomena occur. One day I saw the transformation of Easter icons told Rice Davydov (she only visits the temple as a parishioner, but also helps the ministers of the church). - It was so great, that even hard to explain. During the liturgy, the icon changed and silver shine. Countenance was as life. Or here's another. On the feast of the Virgin, during the service, the guy pushed me gently - say, look. Imagine, sunlight penetrating through the windows, the air hath made the miraculous save. This radiance really could see the icon.

Rector of the Ascension Caves Monastery Archimandrite Tikhon. People have seen this miracle. The oil from the icon goes so far. When this is over, it is known only to God. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow. Ten years ago, in our monastery streamed myrrh icon of Nicholas II. And now the image of Christ. It is a sign that you need to fix something in our lives.