Mama Mary and Child Jesus cry blood - scent of roses, Argentina




September 12, 20012 - Reported in [Spirit] also found in []. Rough translation from Spanish. They say the statue of the Virgin cries blood. A woman says she saw red tears fell not only the image of Mary, but after the baby Jesus. The hostess said that experience, eleven years, strange phenomena. They say an image of the Virgin of the Rosary of San Nicolás and the child Jesus shed tears of blood. The phenomenon was recorded twice in a short time, as porteños means, in a house in the neighborhood of Avellaneda in Buenos Aires where a woman lives for eleven years claims to have stigmata.

The supposed "miracle" took place in the building in the 1600 Zeballos, a hundred meters from Mitre Avenue. Marta Rosemberg and her friend Hilda claim to have seen the Virgin there five years ago, and from St. Nicholas, crying tears of blood. About three hours later did the same with the figure of the child, as published in Diario Popular.

Marta, 58, married and psychologist, said that what happened to the virgin of the demonstrations is another extraordinary lives since 2001, when it became protagonist sanguinación frequent episodes. That year, which was his psychological clinic located in Villa Madero, a picture of Jesus Christ who was acquired in a tent all by two weights also shed tears of blood. For that reason, Marta (born Jewish but then baptized as a Catholic) took first contact local church authorities, after which intervention took three investigators sent from the Vatican. So the woman told the said newspaper. Soon after, she began experiencing the stigmata and receive dictation messages attributed to Christ, says.