Virgen de la Rosa Mystica graced with Escarchas -Tamaulipas, Mexico




September 5, 2012 Reported [here]. Attracted by the fame of the Virgen de la Rosa Mystica, believers in the region commute to Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas, where there is an image which they claim witnesses, multicolor frost after making a miracle.

On the 13th of every month hundreds of parishioners, moved by faith, travel hundreds of miles to seek the miracle of healing and hope to find spiritual peace and an answer to all your problems. Near the end of the street, from the colony Grijalva River Nicolás Bravo, Ciudad Mante, now houses a family at home that faith, which today has moved and raised the possibility that miracles do exist, and is it right there glass in a niche, the figure of the Virgin of Rosa Mystica, is covered with Escarchas.

Just a year ago, tells the owner of this place, Mrs. Martha Wall, began the first signs and miracles of the Virgin Mary Mystical Rose, who began escarchar brightness of different colors (blue, green, pink, red, litmus, aquamarine, gold and transparent) inexplicably, as a sign that their prayers heard someone. Manifestations that have caused not only a revolution of faith and miracles in this city and they have generated with it, many testimonials from parishioners who claim to have been heard by the Mystic Rose. Beliefs or miracles, but in a city where insecurity has permeated the tranquility of the population, have allowed fear that still haunts every inch of the streets, are fading with faith.