Two separate incidents of weeping Blessed Mother statues, Africa



Our Blessed Mother Mary weeps.





August 23, 2012 - Reported in [Spirit] from [here]. Video news report [here]. Dispatches: After Moossou, the Virgin Mary appears in the Riviera Palmeraie (rough translation).

After that Moossou of Grand-Bassam, this time, the phenomenon happened in Abidjan Riviera Palmeraie (Ivory Coast, Africa) also in precisely where the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, tears flowed oil. It happened the weekend of August 18 to 20 in the community MMCC (Mother Mary of Christian Charity) located in the Riviera Palmeraie and directed by the Servant of God Mother Chantal.  Community Mother Mary of Charity Christian (MMCC) is a place dedicated to the Virgin Mary where he hosted a weekly program with clearly defined activities such as meditation, the rosary to Padre Pio on Thursday, Rosary, Stations of the Cross on Friday, organizing vigils prayer and intercession of the Mother of God. All these moments are special moments to be in communion with Jesus Christ through His Mother. 

Currently, many children of Mother Mary have flocked to be privileged to witness this wonderful moment. They come from all the surrounding parishes and elsewhere to gather to pray to the Virgin Mary can intercede with her ​​Son Jesus Christ to receive His blessing but also for the remission of their sins, and especially to remain always under His protection. Notice that this event is the second of its kind in this Marian month. We urge all our fellow believers to always remain in prayer to receive the mercy of Almighty God and receive his blessing. In the coming days a full analysis will be offered on the spiritual significance of this phenomenon. www.grandbassam. Clearly, always at the heart of the news of the city. Asheal "The Link With the Riviera."