Clouds and sun form a heavenly Angel over a temple in Thailand



Heavenly creature ... incredible shot was taken at a temple in Bangkok.


March 8, 2012 - Reported [here]. A Snapper couldn’t believe his luck when he landed this incredible shot of what looks like an Angel in the clouds. The heavenly vision appeared as photographer Isres Chorphaka visited a temple in Thailand. The 51-year-old feared it was going to rain when he saw the ominous grey clouds closing in. But he was stunned when sunrays streaked through the gaps in the edges and formed the stunning picture. Isres had been visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok when the phenomenon happened. He said: “I went with one of my friends to take photos at the palace’s Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

“After a few hours we decided to leave and when we were almost at the exit I saw the sky was going to close like it was going to rain. “Sunrays sneaked though gaps between clouds. It was so beautiful so I stopped and took photos. “Suddenly clouds moved further and formed an angel-like formation over the Grand Palace. “It was incredible, I said to my friend, ‘Look, the angel blesses us’. “There were a few hundred people at the spot but I didn’t know how many saw it.

“I was also lucky because the Grand Palace in the foreground made the photo more dramatic. “The phenomenon happened in less than ten seconds. Luckily it was enough for me to get few photos before it disappeared. “It was not only the best photo of that day but also the best photo I have ever taken.”