Stigmata and Cross oozing fragrant oil, Australia


Tiny wounds in the palm of both Marianne's hands, from where an oily substance was flowing.



[See here] Stigmata associated with TLIG (PDF file is large takes a moment)


Avo and Suzy Vardanian are long term supporters of the [TLIG] work. They have done much to promote the messages in Australia and abroad and have helped to develop prayer groups. They have a TLIG prayer group that meets in their home for many years. A phenomena of weeping statues [see here] [see here] [see here] has manifested in their home for many years. Avo reports now that on Friday of Lent February 27th, two days after Ash Wednesday a remarkable happening occurred in front of the little alter they have in their home.

How it all started

Early that Friday night, must have been around 8:45 p.m., I had to leave the house to go to my office to get something. In the meantime, Marianne was at the altar waiting for me so we could pray the Rosary together. I told her not to wait for me and that she could start the Rosary on her own, because I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take, as there are always things in the office that hold me back. I was back around 9:30 p.m. When I walked to the altar to join Marianne, she looked at me puzzled and showed me the palm of her hands, and said completely stunned, but in a soft voice: “I don’t know how to tell you this… Look what’s happened to my hands… They are wet!”

I looked at Marianne's hands and was completely in shock and awe. I saw tiny wounds in the palm of both her hands, from where an oily substance was flowing. Marianne says: “Every time I think about our Lord or our Blessed Mother, or when I pray, oil starts to flow out of the wounds more than usual.” The burning sensation in both hands continued, accompanied by a numb feeling in the fingers, at times with pain extending into the wrists. On Wednesday 3rd March, 5 days into the stigmata, small tiny wounds started to show up on the other side of both hands. Again, sweet smelling oil was oozing out from both of these new wounds.

Crown of thorns

On Friday 5th March, exactly one week after the start of the wounds, Jesus had another surprise for Marianne. It was evening and Marianne had prepared a simple meal for the two of us. I stress the word simple, because by now Marianne is not able to do much with her hands. Holding objects has become quite difficult, and work at the kitchen sink is out of the question.

While we were eating, Marianne said that she was getting pains in her head, and that she was perspiring from her forehead, and showed me her forehead. I said: “I think Jesus is giving you the Crown of Thorns.” When I had a look at her forehead, I noticed three small pimple-like red spots, from where oil was coming out with a sweet smell. One red spot was on the left, one in the middle, and one on the right side.

I had just finished washing up the dishes, when Marianne said that she had to lie down because she was feeling weak. She went and lay down on the couch while I sat next to her on the floor. She said: “Blow on my hands; they are burning!”, and showed me the palm of her left hand, while she herself blew into the palm of her other hand in an attempt to ease the burning sensation. She said how much pain she had in her head, pain like needles shooting into her head, behind her eyes and going down both sides of the neck. She was perspiring, also from her forehead. And then she said something that stunned me; she said: “I am thirsty.” I held my breath for a moment; our Lord’s cry from the cross with the same words came into my mind. Marianne was truly thirsty! I brought her a glass of water which she drank. There was no reason for her to be thirsty, because we just had finished dinner, during which we drank water.

Her whole ordeal lasted for about 45 minutes. When the pains had subsided, I mentioned to her the significance of the words she had spoken, that they were the same words our Lord uttered from the Cross. She was stunned too. Marianne experienced in stages the passion and Avo faithfully recorded her words and feelings as this unfolded in their home.