Our Lady of Naju wept tears of blood also fragrant rose scented oil many times. There are Eucharistic miracles and miraculous healings associated with Our Lady of Naju statue and Julia Kim.


Bishop Roman Danylak celebrated Mass on a mountain near Naju with two other priests on [September 22, 1995]. At Communion time, the Sacred Host Julia received turned into visible Flesh and Blood in her mouth in the shape of a heart.


[See here] on October 19, 2011 Our Lady exudes fragrant oil on anniversary of 1st weeping of tears of blood, Korea.


Our Lady of Naju crying tears of blood
The Blessed Mother shedding tears of blood
Our Lady of Naju shedding tears of blood
Mother Mary cries tears and blood
Our Lady of Naju weeping tears of blood
The Blessed Mother weeping tears of blood


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