Lily among the thorns, Hemography



Above photo is hemography given to the anonymous visionary Lily among thorns.


From here - Lily among thorns. From January 22, 2013 the Virgin Mary appears to a boy with the title of 'lily among the thorns', leaving messages and tangible signs. The Virgin obtained by the Lord to appear, to recall us to a holy life, so that we are converted and gain eternal salvation.

She appears with the title of lily among thorns, or you are the lily pure appearing among the thorns, the thorns are the sins of men. In November 2014, while being bandaged the wounds of the boy, on a handkerchief is a phrase in Latin (
hemography/blood writings phenomenon) is printed with the words 'Sicut Lilium sic opera mea' ('like a lily, so are my works') It is witness Monsignor Andrea Gemma which is following events with great care and discerinemento. Also according to Don Amorth, who follows these phenomena for some time, these events are outstanding and the messages contain Marian theology, in line with Catholic doctrine.


From here. Also here. Miraculous healings and holy oil oozing from the perfumed holy icons, usually during the prayers and appearances, are phenomena that Monsignor Gemma has had the opportunity to attend, taking care to document everything. The stigmata of the seer, which are formed immediately under the eyes of those present on special occasions such as festivals of the Lord, Easter, bleed continuously at intervals: in addition to give off a sweet and pleasing odor, the blood in question occasionally draws on bandages and distinguishable hemography handkerchiefs as sacred symbols and Latin phrases - the same happened in the miraculous sweats blood Natuzza Evolo. The wound in the side, also present, is revealed during the holy Friday, while the marks of flagellation during the period from Septuagesima to Easter. Everything manifested regularly in the presence of the Church witnesses and men.

Conversions, serious diseases cured, the same oil that oozes from the sacred and, in particular icons occasions, from the seer's hands, as noted by Father Amorth and Monsignor Gemma, is capable of miracles. The fragrance given off, according to what reported by those present, it is noticeable even at a distance and can remain on the site for months. "From this oil, and with the application of this oil sometimes healings. A person can disappear certain evils, physical or spiritual: pain in the legs or head, tumors, diseases. With the oil applying everything disappears, "he says Father Amorth.

Thank Monsignor Andrea Gemma and Father Gabriele Amorth for the kindness shown to us.
For further details about the messages of the Lily among Thorns and the phenomena associated with them, we recommend the website of the association Marian AMARLIS and the facebook page of the same.

You can apply for the oil oozing from the Holy Icon via the form on this page. The oil will be shipped to you free of charge directly to the specified address; It is willingly submitted to those who ask, for it to be used with faith and without any superstition.

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