Giulio Massa




Baby Jesus weeps tears of blood, the event occurred in the house of the [Charismatic Giulio Massa] in Montecorvino Rovella March, 24 2015, Lent, during the recitation of the Rosary. A very touching event, in line with the messages that Jesus and the Virgin Mary, sent to mankind through the visionaries from around the world to call for the conversion. We decided to publish these images in the light of the events that are shaking many parts of the world and involving so many innocent people. If Our Lord sends these signs, which must be seen as warnings, it is right for you to show them a future no one can say: I did not know.


Above photos from [this] video are of Giulio Massa's Bambino weeping tears of blood.






Rough [translation] from Italian. Following information is from [this] book summary. Titled "On the Way With Giulio Following Jesus" tells the story of Julius, a family man, married, two children. Giulio does not want to attract attention to himself but on the messages that the Lord, through him, the world turns. Every year during Lent until Good Friday, Giulio relives the Passion and Death on the Cross and the Resurrection of Jesus. For years, is followed by several priests and participate once or twice a month for group meetings prayer at the Avvocatella of Cava de 'Tirreni (Sa Sanctuary).

The book "On the Way With Giulio Following Jesus", written by journalist Ivano Camponeschi, with a preface by Bishop S.E. Mgr. Giuseppe Fiorini Morosini, it was necessary to prevent around the figure of Giulio Massa were born legends and unsubstantiated inferences from facts. The work traces faithfully, by means of testimonials from doctors, priests, friends and comrades of prayer, the advent of the Stigmata depicting the Passion of Jesus; first only the hands and then, gradually, more and more significant: those feet, those at the front, caused by the crown of thorns; one to the chest, caused by the spear of the Roman soldier, on the whole body, the marks of the scourging. Giulio Massa, during the period of Lent, faces many sufferings which are exacerbated by the day until Good Friday, during which Julius spends about 8 hours in ecstasy, hours in which, again, is expressed in Aramaic and ancient Hebrew; the same day, is manifested in authentic voice, even St. Pio of Pietrelcina and joins the prayers of the priests who assist Giulio until its revival. The events narrated in the book represent the strict record of what happened to Giulio Massa. Learn more about these events [here]. Videos [here].