Modern Day Stigmatists


Notice: This section contains images that some readers may find graphic.

Rhoda Wise with the wounds of Christ. Healed she became a victim soul so others could receive graces she had received.

Portrait of Jesus Christ as mystic and stigmatic Rhoda Wise saw Him. Jesus Himself asked for this to be made.

Marie Rose Ferron wears a crown of thorns similar to Rhoda Wise's stigmata and how Rhoda saw Jesus.


History tells us that many ecstatics bear on hands, feet, brow, body lash wounds, pierced body sides, bruises produced by the beam and on wrists, by swelling and bruises caused by falls and caused by the weight of the cross bites, the crown of thorns, all signs of martyrdom suffered by the Savior on the way to Calvary. These are called visible stigmata. Others have the intense sufferings, without any outward marks, and these phenomena are called * invisible stigmata. Examples are Father Melvin Doucette and Dina Belanger.


Eucharistic Miracles