A list library of the miraculous

Angel stories in the news

(Darren Mooney talks about a horrific wreck and a life-changing visit by Angels in his hospital room.)

Linda Johnston had signs that angels were with her during her life. (Then she died in a car accident).

  • A personal experience of near death phenomenon. - Heather Sloan is a former State Registered Nurse and Midwife. In 1976 she was admitted to Hospital hemorrhaging through an ectopic pregnancy during which she had a near-death experience. She found herself in the presence of an Angel a "being of light".

  • Ryan's Guardian Angels - Terminally Ill Boy Claimed He Saw Them; Do Photos Bear Him Out?

  • An experience with the Archangel Michael - Michael H. Brown author of many great Catholic books and webmaster of Spirit shares a encounter he had with St Michael.

  • Boy’s angel sighting leads to rescue of injured snowmobiler, Colorado - “It was an angel,” he said. And although he said she didn’t have a halo, he may have seen “little, tiny angel wings behind her” as she was waving her arms for help.

  • Businessman In Fight of His Life - Details His Life-saving Vision of The Virgin Mary & Encounter With Archangel Michael.

  • A Visalia, CA heart transplant recipient mentions seeing gates of Heaven - after waking from his coma seeing Heaven, Angels, family members, friends and past co-workers who have died..."Then all of a sudden they said I wasn't ready to come and join them," he said. "Then it faded out."

  • Did Ronald Reagan encounter angels? -Twice President Reagan faced life-threatening experiences and twice he had encounters with angelic beings who comforted him and helped pull him through his medical crises.

  • Teen who fell 28 feet says angel caught him- Edgar said he feared for his life and started praying: "God, please help me. "As he was falling, he felt pressure around his chest, as if someone was wrapping his arms around him. He remembers seeing long, blond hair, a very bright light and something that looked like wings to his side.

  • Brunswick couple finds blessings - in recent spate of health challenges "Just about the only thing Bob does recall is that sometime during his coma he "saw the angels" ­ his mother, her parents and many relatives on his father's side."

  • Archangel Michael's Powerful Message To Ned Dougherty The angels are coming! Do you hear them? Are you listening? Are you listening?

  • Denzel Washington 'Has An Guardian Angel' - The Oscar-winning actor said he had an encounter with the celestial being when he was a youngster. 'When I was a young boy I saw an angel. It looked like my sister but then I saw wings.

  • David Milarch had total renal failure 17 years ago - he experienced a near-death experience that involved angels and a “tunnel of light,” he says – then he had a “moral awakening” about what he could do to save arboricultural.

  • Gladys Hargis recounts near-death experience - I want people to understand there's nothing to fear about death — nothing... Once in the emergency department, she said, her soul left her body and saw angels. She said she looked on as doctors and nurses attended to her in the emergency room.

  • Ari Hallmark’s Story - To Heaven After the Storm - On April 27th 2011, Ari, with her mom and dad, Shane and Jennifer Hallmark, her grandparents, Phillip and Ann Hallmark and her two cousins, Jayden and Julie, sought shelter in a bathroom to ride out an EF-4 tornado. Only she and her cousin Julie survived. However, Ari says that for awhile, she joined her family members in Heaven. Ari remembers going on a visit to heaven with her Angel.